Happy Fourth of July! Your makes make me happy!

We're spending a couple of weeks on Cape Cod. It's vacation and yet things are, as always, quite busy. We fall in bed, exhausted, late at night and find ourselves awake early in the morning with a warm little body cuddling us and a tiny sweet voice saying, mommy, daddy, I'm hungry! I think children grow more in summer sunlight, just like plants. And Happy Fourth of July! Are you ready for fireworks?


Delightfully Peculiar's Zsálya dress


I want to share with you some beautiful new makes of Kate & Rose sewing patterns from the interwebs. Indie Pattern Month 2015 just finished up over at the Monthly Stitch, and among the many, many lovely projects there were some gorgeous Giselles and Zsályas, like this (Zsálya dress by Delightfully Peculiar). Delightfully Peculiar hand-dyed, hand-embroidered, then hand-painted on her fabric to create her iteration. The result looks amazing, and embodies what I think of as the true spirit of folklore: embellishing with simple materials on hand to create something unique and beautiful. She shows you how she took the dress from pure white to colorful and bright on her blog.


Zsálya top by Melanie


(Magpie Makery's blooming Zsálya top) Melanie of Magpie Makery made the Zsálya top with short-sleeve variation. Perfect fabric choice, and I love the piping detail she created for the sleeve. You can read more about how she made it on her blog.




Hila of Saturday Night Stitch made not one but two beautiful Giselle maxi dresses. I can't stop looking at the blue linen long-sleeve version with the embroidered edges: a simple detail that really makes Hila's dress pop! But really, both versions suit Hila perfectly. More details and photos on her blog!

The Monthly Stitch also featured an interview with me, wherein I tell you where the name Kate & Rose comes from. I also describe my studio (and carefully don't show you what it really looks like on most days, hehe), and you can sneak a peek at the new samples I made for a photoshoot.


Zsálya top, dress, and Réka pants

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