Welcome To Kate and Rose

Kate & Rose Patterns are inspired by the timeless styles of folkwear and made by you: busy women who live in the here and now.

We are a small brand for women who love all things handmade. Our sewing and embroidery patterns are inspired by the hopeful, exuberant, wildly colorful folk wear of Central and Eastern Europe, and the idea of infusing beauty and exuberance into our everyday clothing and textiles.

We want to give you clothes that mix tradition and handmade things with contemporary silhouettes that are easy to live in and fit into the lifestyles of creative, busy women.

Kate and Rose Patterns was founded in 2013 by Kati Lovasz. Originally from Hungary, Kati learned to sew from her grandmother and to embroider in elementary school. Kati makes patterns to share her love of all things handmade and to inspire others to be creative in everyday life. Her patterns are designed to give you ideas, tools, and know-how to add touches of beauty and color to everything you make.