Traditional techniques for a sustainable future

Kate & Rose was born out of a love for the beauty of everyday things, and an appreciation for the humble textiles that we touch and wear every day. We don't usually stop to think about the hands that make the clothes we wear in our fast-fashion-oriented consumer society, and are unaware of the environmental and social costs of the pretty things we wear. Learning about garment-making, mending, and decorating practices slows us down to appreciate the work of those many unseen hands today, and connects us with women in the past whose lives built our own.

Kate & Rose embroidery patterns are based on Eastern European folkwear embroidery. They are available as dowloadable PDF patterns, or you can learn specific techniques in workshops I teach in the Hudson Valley or virtually.

I also explore and teach zero-waste garment sewing and design based on historical zero-waste folkwear patterns through workshops, and have a small collection of unique zero-waste women's ready-to-wear made with found textiles, deadstock fabrics, or small-batch, handprinted artisan fabrics.

Please contact me at to find out more, and for information about upcoming workshops or to schedule a private class. I would love to hear from you!