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Several of you recently posted lovely examples of what you made with the Róza pattern and some of my hot-iron transfer embroidery patterns, and I love them so much I wanted to show them here as well. Laurie made a cute winter flannel Róza blouse (via Kollabora):




Laurie made the Róza with long sleeves, straight front, and a high-low hemline. I love the mustard skirt she paired with it, don't you? Just looking at Laurie's outfit makes the freezing weather we've been having lately feel a little less cold.


On that note, I can't stop thinking of flowers and spring, so while it's still snowing outside, here's some folksy embroidery! In December I'd asked a couple of bloggers who like folksy embroidery to review the Kate & Rose hot iron transfers, and last week Dóra and Starr showed some stunning projects they'd made. Dóra grew up in Budapest (like me), and I knew she loves Hungarian embroidery and is very creative and an excellent embroiderer. She created a project based on one of the designs from Cabbage Rose Fancy by doing something unexpected: she transferred the image onto canvas and painted it! Here is the result - a lovely piece of folklore-inspired home decor:


january2014 045b


Isn't it lovely? Read Dóra's entire post to find out more about her project.


Starr created two projects using designs from the Bewitching Botanicals pattern set. She stitched red flowers to embellish jeans:




Red-hot flowers in the snow! Gorgeous. Starr also made a sweet felt Valentine's day heart - I love the idea of using the embroidery transfers on felt:




The color combination is so pretty. Find out more on Starr's blog. (All images used with permission.)

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