Slowing down to sew stitch by stitch: Kate & Rose in Sewing World magazine

The October issue of Sewing World magazine just came out, and guess what: the Giselle dress, with the embroidered midriff, is in it! Kerry Green, wrote a lovely piece for her Sewing World column about how slowing down to savor and appreciate a sewing project can work as an antidote to the hectic pace of daily life. And, along with English paper piecing and Alabama Chanin's hand-stitched designs interpreted by the talented Carolyn, Kerry includes the Giselle dress with hand-embroidery from the Faraway Garden pattern set on the midriff. Take a look at the article (shared with permission from Sewing World):






I'm sorely tempted to try the English paper-pieced hexagon-frame skirt on the cover of this issue... Slowing down to make something thoughtfully, stitch by stitch, really is so pleasurable, even if the pockets of time one finds for it are often too few and rare.

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