Midtown Collection Pattern Testers, Part 2.

The best part of publishing sewing patterns is seeing what others make with them. Let's take a look at some Zsálya tops and dresses from creative and lovely pattern testers! First, we'll visit Handmade by Carolyn - how stunning is this dress:




Carolyn wrote a review, and in it she highlights a feature of the Zsálya pattern that I also love: the way the neckline opens wide so you can pull it over your head, then falls very modestly closed once it's on your body. I love that amazing stripe of pieced fabric at the bottom. Hop over to her blog to read her review and see more pictures! And Kristi of Schnitzel & Boo made this awesome polka-dot lace short-sleeve Zsálya top:




I love the translucent effect, and this shades-of-black effect is a really flattering look. Click over to the Schnitzel and Boo blog to read the full review! Laura made a tunic-length blouse with long sleeves. I adore the fabric she used, and it's such a totally different look:




Stripes work pretty well with the Zsálya, don't you think? Carolyn, Kristi, Laurie - thank you for sharing these fabulous garments, and thank you so, so much for your feedback during pattern testing!

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