Hungarian Sampler: Administrative Update

Last week was so busy I never got a chance to get the next installment of the sampler written up. But, it is coming! The tutorials that go along with the sampler will be up indefinitely so there's really no time limit on joining in. (Which makes me feel a teensy bit better about not being as quick with writing them as I'd like to be!) In the meantime, a sneak peek at the next motif in the sampler:




It's a bit of "witchy" stitching based on one of the amazing styles of Buzsak, a small town just south of Lake Balaton. I love that name, don't you? Here's historic "witchy" embroidery:




Here are the two other handwork techniques Buzsak embroiderers use - first another, completely different-looking style of embroidery:




And a very distinctive needle-turn applique:




I took these three photos of antique textiles exhibited in the museum of the village of Buzsak; website here. Finally, if you want to learn more about embroidery stitches, this is a great reference book:




It's got a wonderfully searchable photographic index, plus diagrams of how to do the stitches. Very useful when you look at embroidery as varied as Hungarian embroidery is, not least because without the photo index you'd never be able to find what stitches are used. Even in Hungarian the stitches' names are often unrecognizable...


Links to all tutorial pages in the series:

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