Handmade wedding: Lottie's beautiful hand-embroidered wedding dress

I wanted to share with you an amazing handmade dress: Lottie's gorgeous hand-embroidered, self-designed wedding dress from her dreamy May wedding. Doesn't she and her brand new husband look so adorable and happy? And beautiful too? And look at that setting!




There is a specific detail that thrilled me to the core: Lottie made all of the embroidery with the Faraway Garden hot-iron transfer pattern! Lottie recently emailed me about her wedding and the dress she made using my embroidery design and I was so blown away that I couldn't resist sharing it here. She blogs in German at Kamel im Nadelöhr (which translates to 'camel in the eye of the needle'), and she shows gorgeous pictures and all kinds of lovely details from her recent wedding in this post (all photos reposted here with her permission; click the link to see more eye candy!).


Kleid1 (2) kleid4 kleid8 Isn't she gorgeous? And also her dress! I love the color scheme Lottie used for the embroidery, modernizing it and infusing it with her own exuberance. And her hair! Look: the flowers in her hair complement her dress sooooo beautifully! In her post she talks a little bit about using hot-iron transfers to get design onto fabric, and start stitching pretty much right after! Which, in all honesty, is also my favorite part of hot-iron transfers - I show you in this post and this quick youtube video how easy it is. Below are a few in-progress pics from Lottie: Kleid3 I could stare at Lottie's beautiful work for hours! You really should click over to see more. I can't resist one last photo: CjP9xvAWEAAi9DL


I just adore the rainbow color scheme. Isn't it a brilliant idea? I can't wait for summer to begin and have a bit of time to relax and try it myself. You can also find Lottie on Twitter, where she often shares her creative ideas and finished projects.

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