A Zsálya top & a little spring sale

zsalya top by Fa Sew La


Have you seen Teri of Fa Sew La’s gorgeous new Zsálya top? She made it as part of the blog tour for Pat Bravo’s new Etno fabric line forArt Gallery Fabrics. It’s the Shore Remains Algae voile, of which I now think I will need to get some. Luscious, isn’t it?

It’s finally springtime (albeit a rainy one) here in New York, and the spring holidays are upon us. Kate & Rose is also celebrating, with a sale: take 30% off everything in my shops with coupon code SPRINGFLOWERS! Sale will go through midnight EST on Monday, April 6, 2015.


Go on, don’t be shy: click over to the shop and dream of spring and sunshine and flowers. Then make something beautiful with what you buy, and tell me about it please?


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Beth’s Giselle dresses: a bit of selfish sewing for Selfish Sewing Week

Selfish Sewing Week has come and gone, and as you probably know by now, the Giselle dress was one of the patterns featured on Imagine Gnats, in a gorgeous purple rayon by Beth of Beth being crafty. Sleeveless, summery, flowing, and so pretty!


Beth added side seam pockets to her Giselle, which are very easy to do, and there are tons of great tutorials out there for how to do them. Carolyn (also of Carolyn pajama pattern fame) has a great tutorial for adding side seam pockets that would work perfectly for the Giselle dress, Carolyn added the same pockets to her Zsálya dress, which she had tested (here’s Carolyn’s post).

Sewaholic’s Tasia wrote another one of my favorite tutorials for adding in-seam pockets to anything, showing you how you can use her own Cambie dress pattern‘s pocket pieces for other skirts and dresses.

Now, I must confess I don’t usually add pockets to dresses but I won’t dispute their usefulness!

Beth also posted about the wearable muslin of the Giselle she’d made, with sleeves, on her own blog. It looks quite perfectly wearable to me, wouldn’t you agree? And I really love the fabric…

long sleeve giselle



In other news, I have very, very few of the old versions of paper sewing patterns left, and I won’t be restocking until the new paper pattern instruction booklets are ready (getting it all together is taking a long time. A loooooong time. I had really been overly optimistic about how long it’ll take. I am sorry!). The old paper Róza is now sold out (the PDF version is of course available), and I only have two of the paper Zsályas left, and very few of the Giselles and Mariskas. Grab them while you can! They’re really cheap right now at 30% off…

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Limited Edition Hand Printed Zsálya Blouse in collaboration with Anna Joyce Design

I am super thrilled to announce the results of a new collaboration with Anna Joyce Designs: limited edition Zsálya blouse in Anna Joyce’s amazing hand painted and hand printed fabric available for purchase!


These one-of-a-kind, handmade blouses feature the Zsálya’s crossover neckline and scallop-shaped cuff detail. The sunny, joyful and oh-so-soft fine cotton voile is hand painted and hand printed in Anna’s Portland studio, then sewn up into a beautiful, wearable work of art in New York City’s Flower District.

Zsalya blouse






Let me just say that Anna Joyce’s fabric is a dream to touch, look at, and wear. I love how the design works with the Zsálya’s details and silhouette, and the whimsy it infuses int the Zsálya’s clean lines.

Click over to the Anna Joyce Design web shop to order, and while you’re there, have a look at Anna’s amazing Spring-Summer 2015 collection. So much gorgeousness!



If you’d like to sew your own Zsálya blouse, you can purchase just the Zsálya sewing pattern PDF or paper version (30% off old print edition while supplies last!), although you won’t have any luck finding the fabric, sorry ;).



I have also added a page to my web shop for the Anna Joyce Design and Kate & Rose collaboration Zsálya blouse, from where you can click right through to the ordering page.



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Returning after a small but full stop


I am returning to normal life but it’s taking a while. Do you ever walk into your office/studio/maker space and feel like you’ve arrived in a little spot of heaven? I missed mine so much this month. School’s back now after our winter break in New York State. This morning I woke up early with my younger daughter (there she is below, eating carrots and thinking what we should play), thrilled that later today I will have hours, several glorious full HOURS, one after the other, all in a row, just for work.




It’s been a challenging month-and-a-half, though there have been some wonderful moments too, with bits of making and stitching in between.




I’ll start with the announcement-y things: my shops on Etsy and Bigcartel are open again, with the newly redesigned PDF patterns! I think you will like them. With the help of the talented Yuki Maeshima, who owns and designs Waffle Patterns, There are many improvements to both the pattern files and the instructions, which I REALLY hope to be telling you more about in the coming weeks. (Unless someone gets very sick, of course.)




Meanwhile, the redesigned instruction booklets for the paper patterns are getting printed. I hope to have them in stock next week! In the meantime, I still have some (tiny) stock of the old versions, which you can snap up at a 30% discount. No coupon code necessary! But hurry because there are very few left…

Now, with that out of the way, let me tell you a little of what’s been going on, in real life, behind the scenes, the good and the bad.




If you follow me on Instagram, you already know this – my older daughter spent a bit of time in the hospital a couple weeks ago. A kidney infection for which IV antibiotics were needed, and morphine. Morphine! I have never seen a child in so much pain! She is fine now, having weathered the storm in her usual spirited fashion, finding fun during our hospital in things where I wouldn’t have thought fun was possible. But – our room had a gorgeous view, right past scaffolding that squirrels ran up and down on.




Managing family life was tricky: my husband was out of town for work when we had to go to the ER, and for the first two days in the hospital. Our lovely babysitter stayed with my younger daughter at night until he got home, and during the day we traded time at home and in the hospital, and then I spent the nights.

And right before that we all had the flu. That yucky, exhausting, fevered, I-can’t-get-out-of-bed flu that’s been going around despite this year’s flu vaccine.




I didn’t get much work done. The week my older one was at the hospital, I fit in a couple hours of sewing on two afternoons, in between running home to shower and rushing out to pick up my younger daughter from preschool. I don’t know when I’ll get caught up with everything. Most likely never. I had to close my shops completely because I could barely (and sometimes not at all!) keep track of orders. And we really can’t have that.

So that was the bad stuff.




One budding new thing: a blouse I collaborated on with the amazingly talented fabric and accessories designer Anna Joyce (those are the cuffs above!). (If you could see her fabrics in real life! Ooooooohhhhh…) She hand-painted the fabric, a lovely voile, which I sewed into a Zsálya top, about which more to come… (a sneak peak here).

Then, winter break! By then my older daughter was well enough that we could keep our date with skiing in the Adirondacks we’d been planning a long time. Apparently, we really love upstate New York. But no pirates this time! And guess who learned to ski:




After last week I will never complain about cold again. It’s cold back here in New York too but nothing like the wind-chilled, frozen weather of the Adirondacks. Although now I can’t get the thought of wearing my ski pants all of the time out of my head.

I can’t wait for spring. In the Flower District, near our apartment, there are of course colorful blooming beautiful flowers everywhere. Look, aren’t they so pretty:




They let us pretend it’s spring, bustin’ out at the seams, just a little bit.




Oh, yes. I’m working on new embroidery patterns.

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Announcement: Kate & Rose sewing patterns at Indiesew

There’s a new place to buy Kate & Rose PDF sewing patterns: in the Indiesew shop! Indiesew founder Allie posted a lovely introduction on the Indiesew blog yesterday.

introducing kate & rose


I especially love the fabrics chosen for the Zsálya blouse sample, they make me think of summer and sunlight and Colorado deserts. I also love the Mariska in a geometric print, it would never have occurred to me to choose it and it looks really good.

There’s another bit of news. Indiesew carries all new, updated and revised PDF files of all patterns. Never fear, the pattern pieces are still the same, but everything else has been made a little better. I have been a busy bee working on these improvements during the past month. I had several goals in mind, based on how I use PDF patterns and find helpful, as well as feedback from customers and other pattern users. First of all, I wanted to make the home printing version easier, less time-consuming, and more economical to print and assemble. Each pattern still has a copyshop version formatted for 36″/91 cm wide paper, never fear! In fact, I am curious if there are other formats that you’d find useful, as I can include those in future updates.

The pattern instructions have also been streamlined and redesigned in a way that, hopefully, makes your experience of using them even better. The one down side: I had to raise the prices. This was something I should have done a while ago but kept putting it off. Yet the reality is that the new prices better reflect how versatile the patterns are and how many options they include, as well as how much work and care went into designing and producing them.

I will tell you more of the details next time, along with something else that will, I hope sweeten the new prices. Stay tuned!

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