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Hungarian Sampler: Main Contents Page

I’m in the process of making tiny improvements to the site, fixing glitches, and making specific projects and tutorials more accessible. (About glitches: aaarrgh! They’re not technical in nature, except insofar as my brain may be experiencing technical difficulties here and there. I’ve accidentally published drafts not once but several times now. I’ve made note of two things not to do to avoid this in Read More…

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The Absolutely Last Minute Embroidered Christmas Tree Ornament

I wish you the very best of holidays! I hope you are enjoying time with loved ones and some well-deserved fun and relaxation – and good food – during these last few days of 2014.
As a thank you, I have this tiny little (albeit picture-heavy!) tutorial for you, if you have a free minute and want to make a last-minute ornament for a Read More…

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Giselle dress sewalong at The Monthly Stitch this week in Frocktober

While Perfect Pattern Parcel #6 is going on, another exciting event is in progress: this week of Frocktober is Giselle dress week at The Monthly Stitch. Look at Nikki‘s gorgeous jewel tone border print Giselle:


Best of all, Juliet, one of the lovely Monthly Stitch Read More…

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Giselle pattern sleeve hacks: a tutorial

The Giselle dress pattern is coming up soon for Frocktober at The Monthly Stitch. In honor of the occasion, I want to show you how to make it with short sleeves. This is a longish tutorial, with lots of information and diagrams – though it’s in three parts so I hope you won’t feel overwhelmed!
First, I’m going to show you how to make the two short-sleeve variations from Read More…

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Sewing Indie Month: easy Sashiko blouse tutorial

It’s my turn to post a tutorial by another participating designer from Sewing Indie Month – and I’m pleased to present Yuki, the designer of Waffle Patterns.
In her interview with me Tilly asked if I had any tips for people who are just starting out with embroidery and I mentioned Sashiko… Sooooo – great minds must think alike (teehee!) because Yuki came up with a brilliant Read More…

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Sewing Indie Month: my peasant blouse tutorial

As part of Sewing Indie Month, we have created tutorials that we post on each others blogs. My partner to post for is Sylvie of Soma Patterns, and the tutorial I created (download the PDF here) shows you how to make this peasant blouse, made only out of rectangles of fabric:
Click over to her Read More…

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The first ever Sewing Indie Month is here!

Drumroll please! Have you heard? The first ever Sewing Indie Month begins today!
Early this year, the lovely and talented Mari Miller of Seamster Patterns contacted me to ask if I wanted to participate in a month-long blog event, or, well – let’s be honest: a month-long party of indie sewing pattern designers. 21 of us, no less! It’s an Read More…

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How to print embroidery patterns onto fabric with an inkjet printer: a tutorial

With this series, which included the re-released Snowdrop and the brand new Morning Bouquet patterns, I wanted to try something I’d heard about that would make transferring an embroidery pattern quick and painless: that you can use your home inkjet printer to print embroidery patterns quickly and neatly right onto the fabric you’ll stitch on.
Snowdrop PDF embroidery patternRead More…

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Stitching tip: hacking some needlepoint

bewitching botanicals in jeweltonesfrom the Bewitching Botanicals embroidery pattern set, available here
I’ve always been drawn to folklore embroidery. There is something about the way I imagine it used to fit into everyday life that I find appealing, even if I know that some of what I imagine about it is pretty much just fantasy. A nostalgic, sweet pastoral fantasy Read More…

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Pressing matters, or how to iron a nice-looking seam

One of the things I do a lot of these days is press seams while sewing samples.
Pressing matters. A lot. And there are any number of methods for pressing seams (or ironing them). As many methods as people who sew, I suspect.
So, I’m adding my own method to the mix – not because I believe you should never again press a Read More…

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In honor of needle crafts week: another pattern

***Update: this pattern is now available as the Faraway Garden pattern set as downloadable PDF and hot-iron embroidery transfer.***
Since this week is dedicated to needle crafts on Kollabora, I’m rounding off the Hungarian Matyó-style embroidery pattern with one last pattern, now available on Etsy/Read More…

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Sewaholic Renfrew with Hungarian embroidery: free pattern+tutorial

To start the new PDF embroidery pattern releases off with a bang, here is a free pattern for you, and a tutorial for how to stitch a t-shirt like the Sewaholic Renfrew with Hungarian embroidery. Or any other t-shirt, really.
The pattern is called Little Berry Burst, and it also Read More…

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