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Furoshiki project bag: a tutorial

I usually have several embroidery projects going at the same time, which means I’m always in need of project bags. As it did for the Uptown folk blouse, embroidery can take a little while, and I like to have something readily available for 15-minute-bouts of stitching here and there. Hence the project bags!
Today I want to show you how to make Furoshiki project bags. These are soooo easy and quick! Furoshiki is also a great way to use smaller pieces of fabric (or Read More…

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Sewing Indie Month: my peasant blouse tutorial

As part of Sewing Indie Month, we have created tutorials that we post on each others blogs. My partner to post for is Sylvie of Soma Patterns, and the tutorial I created (download the PDF here) shows you how to make this peasant blouse, made only out of rectangles of fabric:
Click over to her Read More…

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How to print embroidery patterns onto fabric with an inkjet printer: a tutorial

With this series, which included the re-released Snowdrop and the brand new Morning Bouquet patterns, I wanted to try something I’d heard about that would make transferring an embroidery pattern quick and painless: that you can use your home inkjet printer to print embroidery patterns quickly and neatly right onto the fabric you’ll stitch on.
Snowdrop PDF embroidery patternRead More…

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How to transfer embroidery patterns to dark fabrics: a tutorial

You know all those pretty embroidered Hungarian blouses I’m obsessed with? Like this one (which is, in keeping with this week’s Matyó theme, stitched in Matyó-Northern-Hungarian style):
Black Matyó Blouse
How’d they get that complicated design onto the fabric? Okay, so I can’t say exactly how this particular stitching lady did it but I can tell you about one method for how to transfer complex embroidery patterns to Read More…

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Sewaholic Renfrew with Hungarian embroidery: free pattern+tutorial

To start the new PDF embroidery pattern releases off with a bang, here is a free pattern for you, and a tutorial for how to stitch a t-shirt like the Sewaholic Renfrew with Hungarian embroidery. Or any other t-shirt, really.
The pattern is called Little Berry Burst, and it also Read More…

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Hungarian Sampler Part Seven: Variations

In the course of stitching this Hungarian embroidery sampler Sorbetto top we’ve thus far used the following stitches: chain stitch, buttonhole stitch, stem stitchopen chain stitch, fishbone stitch, backstitch, and satin stitch. Isn’t Read More…

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Hungarian Sampler Part Five: Filling in our Buzsak witchy stitching

When you take a look at the stitching we’d done so far in the sampler, you will notice we haven’t yet filled in any areas. When you look at this photograph I took in Buzsak at the embroidery exhibit, you can see the v-shaped stitches used inside the areas outlined by open chain stitches:
hungarian embroidery buzsak - buzsaki himzesRead More…

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Hungarian Sampler Blouse Part 3: Transsylvanian Tulips

The second section of our sampler is a design made up of three tulips based on the embroidery style of the Hungarian regions of Romania, in Transsylvania:
Most often a very wide, very tightly stitched open chain stitch was used to outline each shape, in or red, blue, black, and sometimes white thread on hemp, linen or cottn cloth. This is Read More…

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Hungarian Embroidery Sampler Part 2: chain-stitched motif from Baranya county, Hungary

The first motif (at the bottom of the sampler pattern) is based on the designs used to embellish headscarves in the South-Western part of Hungary, in the regions called Baranya and Sarkoz, like in the image below:
The embroidery from this region can also be wildly colorful and made up with lots of different types of stitches. But for the purposes of our sampler, which is meant to be easy even for someone who’s Read More…

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Hungarian Embroidery Sampler Part One: Preparations

Friends, it is that time of year here in the Northern Hemisphere: everything slows down and everyone tries to get in a few more weeks of sunshine and vacation before school or work starts up again in earnest. Or in my case, before I’m buried in getting everything ready for the launch of my online store this fall.
So, I’ve prepared a little surprise for you, something portable and handwork-ful (I know that’s not a word. But it should be!): the Read More…

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