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Sewing Summit redux, a new blue-dye cloth clutch and what I keep inside it

I got back from Sewing Summit on Sunday and my head is still swimming. This post is just a brief update, I haven’t posted in a while and worry that this here little blog is starting to feel all lonely and abandoned. I’m working on a bunch of things – tutorials, patterns, and a couple of surprises I hope you’ll like, which doesn’t leave much space in my head for posting on the blog.
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Sewing Summit FTW!

I’m off to Sewing Summit 2013 in Salt Lake City, I get there late tonight. I wish I was there already, looking for someone to have breakfast with, and later shopping for fabric… (And then again not: Zsuzsi is a bit sick this morning, nothing major but still, I don’t like leaving my sick baby. She’ll be alright. I know she’ll be alright. I don’t leave until late afternoon and will be with her ’til then.)
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