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Hungarian Sampler Part Seven: Variations

In the course of stitching this Hungarian embroidery sampler Sorbetto top we’ve thus far used the following stitches: chain stitch, buttonhole stitch, stem stitchopen chain stitch, fishbone stitch, backstitch, and satin stitch. Isn’t Read More…

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Hungarian Sampler Part Six: Stamina – completing our Buzsak witchy stitching

It’s time to finish the Buzsak witchy stitching section of our sampler blouse!
We will learn two stitches to do this: the backstitch, and the satin stitch. Be not afraid: the satin stitch is actually much less difficult to master than you would think. And it allows for corrections! Virtually no Hungarian embroiderer satin stitches absolutely perfectly yet their work is usually still quite beautiful.
We left off with all our open chain stitching and Read More…

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