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Sewing with knits: for the girls!

My sewing machine is still in the shop so I’ve been sewing mostly knits lately. Because, unlike with wovens, I can do most of the sewing on the serger, which lets me avoid cursing a blue streak over the slowness of my (otherwise perfectly fine) backup sewing machine. At the Workroom Social’s Manhattan Popup party & swap meet I scored a few yards of this pink leopard-print knit. Which means Z and E got some new dresses:
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Behind the scenes…

Things have been pretty quiet around this blog all March, but not because there’s nothing going on behind the scenes.
Remember how I was searching for fabric? I think I found some. This one above is the only image I can show for now. But this is not the whole story, not at all. It will just take a Read More…

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Searching for fabric

Do you know what a Pavlovo Posad shawl is?
I’m searching for fabric to make one of the final samples of the three sewing patterns I’m finishing up. The sample for the photo shoot. There is a particular print I can see so clearly in my mind’s eye. The only problem is that no fabric store on the face of the earth seems to carry it. It’s a wildly floral, feminine, soft, drapey woven wool fabric in bold colors, folksy but somehow Read More…

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Shop update & Roza variation

First up, an update about the Kate & Rose shop. The response to the paper Roza pattern (which sold out!) and kits has been amazing, thank you to everyone who bought one! I would love to see what you made, so if you like, send me a quick note with a photo, or leave a link in comments if you have a blog/flickr/pinterest where you post your creations.
The shop will only carry digital Read More…

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Coming up: Róza blouse series, embroidery patterns, & more!

It’s been a looooong few weeks here at Kate & Rose HQ (I’ve always wanted to say that). Traveling hubby, sick kids, tons of work unrelated to embroidery or the Róza blouse, but finally I see light at the end of the tunnel. (Which really only means I can get to work on the next thing… hmmm…) And now I’m up to my neck in getting a bunch of things ready for you guys in preparation.
For example, fabric candy! Look:
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Stitching tip: embroidering on a light-weight Róza blouse

The lovely Dora had the following question about embroidering on the Róza blouse: how do you support the weight if you sew the blouse out of a very light-weight fabric, like cotton voile or gauze?
I’ve just stitched straight onto voile before and was fine with the results but, depending on your fabric, you might not want to just wing it. There are a couple things you can do.
First, you can Read More…

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Back home from Hungary, and: what is blue-dye cloth?

We just got back from Hungary last night – it was mostly a family trip but we also saw some amazing folklore-y things. This trip turned out to be instructive about blue-dye cloth in all sorts of ways. We visited the Tolna Blue-Dye Workshop and Museum (or Tolnai Kékfestő Műhely és Múzeum – note: all images fabric and printing blocks below are from their collection). We also ran into the owners of another Read More…

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