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Sewing Summit redux, a new blue-dye cloth clutch and what I keep inside it

I got back from Sewing Summit on Sunday and my head is still swimming. This post is just a brief update, I haven’t posted in a while and worry that this here little blog is starting to feel all lonely and abandoned. I’m working on a bunch of things – tutorials, patterns, and a couple of surprises I hope you’ll like, which doesn’t leave much space in my head for posting on the blog.
But back to the Summit – I Read More…

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Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas, everyone!
May your holidays be as full to the brim as mine, with family, good food, laughter…
Our apartment is covered with Legos both pink and not, My Little Ponies, princess dresses, cooking and building toys. We began with order but it didn’t last.
And our tree has DIY szaloncukor on it, i.e. traditional Hungarian Christmas bonbons.
DIY origami szaloncukorRead More…

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