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Searching for fabric

Do you know what a Pavlovo Posad shawl is?
I’m searching for fabric to make one of the final samples of the three sewing patterns I’m finishing up. The sample for the photo shoot. There is a particular print I can see so clearly in my mind’s eye. The only problem is that no fabric store on the face of the earth seems to carry it. It’s a wildly floral, feminine, soft, drapey woven wool fabric in bold colors, folksy but somehow Read More…

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Looking back to go forward

There’s an item of clothing I’ve been carrying around with me since I was 12 or 13 years old. It’s a blue lace fitted top from the early 1960s, fabric-covered buttons all the way up the back:
The buttons do work all the way up to the neckline, just not on this dress form (which has an entirely non-human shape). This top used to belong Read More…

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Top Fives of 2013 – and Happy New Year!

I’ve seen so many people do top five lists for the year based on Gillian’s invitation, I’m jumping in with some items of my own. But since I haven’t properly photographed most of the things I’ve made (and can’t yet share some others), I thought I’d do something a bit more like Jen of Grainline Studio did, and list the things that were inspiring and good in 2013, and the Read More…

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Back home from Hungary, and: what is blue-dye cloth?

We just got back from Hungary last night – it was mostly a family trip but we also saw some amazing folklore-y things. This trip turned out to be instructive about blue-dye cloth in all sorts of ways. We visited the Tolna Blue-Dye Workshop and Museum (or Tolnai Kékfestő Műhely és Múzeum – note: all images fabric and printing blocks below are from their collection). We also ran into the owners of another Read More…

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Striped 1932 back-wrap dress: Historical Sew Fortnightly

Ladies & Gents, I present you with the striped Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge! It is done but not quite photographed because the light was terrible today. What I made: 1932 Woman’s Home Companion pattern for a back-wrap dress in a pin-stripe navy blue linen, for the stripes challenge.
I’ve been planning to make this Read More…

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Historical Sew Fortnightly:Peasant blouse with Transylvanian smocking

The garment I planned for the first challenge of the Historical Sew Fortnightly has quickly become the garment I’m making for the second challenge – which: get a UFO (unfinished object) off your sewing list. Two birds with one stone, you could say! Yes, let’s just say that, shall we?
The challenge: make a garment from xx13. My interpretation: to make a blouse someone would Read More…

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What do you wear every day? Why, a peasant blouse, of course!

The other day my daughters made this:
colored feathers with glitter glue
Colorful feathers affixed to paper with glitter glue.
Then the next day they threw the leftover feathers all over the living room. And tracked it everywhere else. So when I was reading Sunni (of A Fashionable Stitch)’s  latest thoughts relating to her Read More…

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Return to New York

We were in Hungary last week, where I picked up some wonderful merchandise for the soon-to-open Kate & Rose web shop. A sneak peek:
matyodesign t-shirt
The store will open with a selection of made-to-order dresses, blouses, embroidered t-shirts, and more. Soon after, I will begin adding sewing patterns, sewing kits, embroidery patterns and embroidery kits. I am super-excited about it Read More…

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Embroidery link roundup

I came across the links below while surfing the web in odd free moments last week.
First up, two tutorials about Chemanthi or Chemanthy stitching, a technique popular in India. Looks like something that would go kinda quick and look  lovely too. I’d love to try this technique on a linen-cotton blouse. Or two. My theory is that you could make the blouse, wear it, then stitch on it when you get a chance. Like she Read More…

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I adore the work of Mariska Karasz. She made her embroidery into art, but what’s less well known is she had also been a fashion designer. A real inspiration of mine. Images like this just make me happy:
Gage Hill, ca. 1947 (image source: mariskakarasz.com)
She wrote an embroidery handbook that just makes you want to get down and stitch away; in it she says
Most women draw the line Read More…

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The couture angle

I have a deep admiration for the elaborate construction that goes into haute couture angles. And – as you might have guessed by now – I love embroidery, as well as inspiration by the shapes of other fashion eras that were, to my mind, particularly flattering to women. So – how great is this collection by Bill Gaytten for Dior for Spring 2012?
I came across it on Gretchen Hirsch’s blog, which always has such fun images to browse and Read More…

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