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My Uptown Folk Blouse in Sew News, Apr/May 2016

My first new pattern of this year is out – I finished a while back and have been waiting and waiting to be able to share with you!
It is part of an article I wrote for the current, Apr/May 2016 issue of Sew News magazine that shows you how to make a sweet Read More…

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About the back of embroidery

When I learned to embroider in elementary school we were told in no uncertain terms that the back of one’s embroidery absolutely must look as neat as the front. No excuses, no exceptions.
small sample from bewitching botanicals
These days I’m more inclined to think that you should do whatever gets you started – knots, long tails, a big giant mess, it’s your embroidery, after all. Sometimes Read More…

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New day, new web site, and a creative philosophy

Today is a new day, and oh look, I have a new web site! What do you think? It’s the work of my friend Ben Bunch. Ben is an amazingly talented visual artist, who also develops Wordpress-based web sites.
Faraway Garden embroidery pattern set
(from the Faraway Garden embroidery pattern set, available here)
There’s a new logo image, the work Read More…

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Behind the scenes

Oh hi there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?
Lots going on behind the scenes here at Kate & Rose, I’m getting ready with all kinds of good things for you guys. I can’t wait! But I have to. Can’t skimp on the finishing touches!
In the meantime, some pictures. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen them before, I really wish I had more time and didn’t have to repeat myself this way…
First up, I’ve been stitching away at some embroidery. Read More…

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Sewaholic Renfrew with Hungarian embroidery: free pattern+tutorial

To start the new PDF embroidery pattern releases off with a bang, here is a free pattern for you, and a tutorial for how to stitch a t-shirt like the Sewaholic Renfrew with Hungarian embroidery. Or any other t-shirt, really.
The pattern is called Little Berry Burst, and it also Read More…

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Coming up: Róza blouse series, embroidery patterns, & more!

It’s been a looooong few weeks here at Kate & Rose HQ (I’ve always wanted to say that). Traveling hubby, sick kids, tons of work unrelated to embroidery or the Róza blouse, but finally I see light at the end of the tunnel. (Which really only means I can get to work on the next thing… hmmm…) And now I’m up to my neck in getting a bunch of things ready for you guys in preparation.
For example, fabric candy! Look:
Read More…

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Embroidered 1920s style pouch: a work in progress & free pattern

This week I started working on a little reproduction drawstring pouch, in my 15-minutes-here-and-there embroidery time (of which there is far less than I would like).
The design is based on an embroidered 1920s style pouch I saw on eBay a while ago. The listing isn’t on eBay anymore, but I have the image in my Pinterest. If you follow my ‘Embroidered’ board, you’ll perhaps recognize it as the cover:
Read More…

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A rose is a rose is a rose – or an embroidery kit

In honor of Valentine’s day, a lovely flower to stitch: introducing the first embroidery kit by Kate & Rose!
It is the ever popular Matyó rose from North-Eastern Hungary, wich was also the last motif of the Hungarian Sampler:
Each kit contains a 9″x9″  (24×24 cm) Read More…

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What do you wear every day? Why, a peasant blouse, of course!

The other day my daughters made this:
colored feathers with glitter glue
Colorful feathers affixed to paper with glitter glue.
Then the next day they threw the leftover feathers all over the living room. And tracked it everywhere else. So when I was reading Sunni (of A Fashionable Stitch)’s  latest thoughts relating to her Read More…

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Stitching Social – the report

The first Kate & Rose Stitching Social took place Saturday afternoon, and it was fun! We worked on the Buzsak witchy stitching motif (instructions here, here, and here).
I meant to Read More…

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Hungarian Sampler Part Nine (the last): Matyó rose from Northern Hungary

This is the ninth and last part of the Hungarian Sampler series, in which we embroider various Hungarian motifs on a tank top made using Colette Patterns’ free Sorbetto Top pattern. Can you believe it? It’s almost done! It just occurred to me that having nine parts is rather auspicious – nine is, in most folklore traditions so in Hungarian as well, an important number. I should claim I carefully planned it this way… but that wouldn’t be entirely true.
The Read More…

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Come to the first Kate & Rose stitching social!

Kate & Rose stitching social
Crafty New Yorkers: join me for the first Kate & Rose Stitching Social!
Come and embroider together with other crafty folks, learn some embroidery stitches, sip a drink (beer, wine, juice, seltzer… your choice), nibble on cheese and crackers, and find out how those wildly colorful Hungarian embroidered flowers are made!
* No experience necessary *
You only need to Read More…

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