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Sewaholic Renfrew with Hungarian embroidery: free pattern+tutorial

To start the new PDF embroidery pattern releases off with a bang, here is a free pattern for you, and a tutorial for how to stitch a t-shirt like the Sewaholic Renfrew with Hungarian embroidery. Or any other t-shirt, really.
The pattern is called Little Berry Burst, and it also Read More…

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Embroidered 1920s style pouch: a work in progress & free pattern

This week I started working on a little reproduction drawstring pouch, in my 15-minutes-here-and-there embroidery time (of which there is far less than I would like).
The design is based on an embroidered 1920s style pouch I saw on eBay a while ago. The listing isn’t on eBay anymore, but I have the image in my Pinterest. If you follow my ‘Embroidered’ board, you’ll perhaps recognize it as the cover:
Read More…

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Hungarian Sampler Part Seven: Variations

In the course of stitching this Hungarian embroidery sampler Sorbetto top we’ve thus far used the following stitches: chain stitch, buttonhole stitch, stem stitchopen chain stitch, fishbone stitch, backstitch, and satin stitch. Isn’t Read More…

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Hungarian Sampler Part Four: witchy stitching from Buzsak

It has taken WAY too long for me to get back to this sampler, but better late than never (I hope)! If you look at the rest of the blog you can see a little bit of what I’ve been doing… But it’s time to end the hiatus!
From the village of Buzsak, right near Balaton, come some stunning, though at this moment in time not as well-known styles of handwork made with amazingly varied techniques. There are three main techniques Read More…

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Hungarian Sampler Blouse Part 3: Transsylvanian Tulips

The second section of our sampler is a design made up of three tulips based on the embroidery style of the Hungarian regions of Romania, in Transsylvania:
Most often a very wide, very tightly stitched open chain stitch was used to outline each shape, in or red, blue, black, and sometimes white thread on hemp, linen or cottn cloth. This is Read More…

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Hungarian Embroidery Sampler Part 2: chain-stitched motif from Baranya county, Hungary

The first motif (at the bottom of the sampler pattern) is based on the designs used to embellish headscarves in the South-Western part of Hungary, in the regions called Baranya and Sarkoz, like in the image below:
The embroidery from this region can also be wildly colorful and made up with lots of different types of stitches. But for the purposes of our sampler, which is meant to be easy even for someone who’s Read More…

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