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Hungarian Sampler: Main Contents Page

I’m in the process of making tiny improvements to the site, fixing glitches, and making specific projects and tutorials more accessible. (About glitches: aaarrgh! They’re not technical in nature, except insofar as my brain may be experiencing technical difficulties here and there. I’ve accidentally published drafts not once but several times now. I’ve made note of two things not to do to avoid this in Read More…

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Furoshiki project bag: a tutorial

I usually have several embroidery projects going at the same time, which means I’m always in need of project bags. As it did for the Uptown folk blouse, embroidery can take a little while, and I like to have something readily available for 15-minute-bouts of stitching here and there. Hence the project bags!
Today I want to show you how to make Furoshiki project bags. These are soooo easy and quick! Furoshiki is also a great way to use smaller pieces of fabric (or Read More…

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SIM 2015: Vintage-Inspired Róza top tutorial by Rachael of Imagine Gnats

As part of Sewing Indie Month, participating designers create tutorials for each others’ blogs. Today I have something really special for you: a tutorial by Rachael of Imagine Gnats! In this tutorial, Rachael shows you how to make a Róza blouse with a gorgeous cross-stitched center panel, using a cross-stitch pattern she created, inspired by vintage patterns in her collection. Not only that, her tutorial includes clever and easy alterations and alternate finishing ideas as well. The floor is yours, Rachael!
Read More…

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Outlining with running stitch: a tutorial

I just realized it’s been exactly a month since my last post, a very busy month behind the scenes but a very quiet one for the blog. Quietness can be a wonderful thing though! Especially when you make something with it, like a bit of embroidery.
Bewitching Botanicals napBewitching Botanicals motif with running stitch outline
I Read More…

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Hungarian Embroidery Sampler Part One: Preparations

Friends, it is that time of year here in the Northern Hemisphere: everything slows down and everyone tries to get in a few more weeks of sunshine and vacation before school or work starts up again in earnest. Or in my case, before I’m buried in getting everything ready for the launch of my online store this fall.
So, I’ve prepared a little surprise for you, something portable and handwork-ful (I know that’s not a word. But it should be!): the Read More…

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