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The new Kinga skirt pattern, its inspirations, and a sale

The new Kinga skirt pattern is in pre-sale mode as part of the second Sewing Indie Month bundle (available only through September 11). I used it as my inspiration for the tutorial I posted at Lolita Patterns, but I want to tell you a little bit more about it. The idea for the basic shape comes from one of my Read More…

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Back home from Hungary, and: what is blue-dye cloth?

We just got back from Hungary last night – it was mostly a family trip but we also saw some amazing folklore-y things. This trip turned out to be instructive about blue-dye cloth in all sorts of ways. We visited the Tolna Blue-Dye Workshop and Museum (or Tolnai Kékfestő Műhely és Múzeum – note: all images fabric and printing blocks below are from their collection). We also ran into the owners of another Read More…

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