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Top Fives of 2013 – and Happy New Year!

I’ve seen so many people do top five lists for the year based on Gillian’s invitation, I’m jumping in with some items of my own. But since I haven’t properly photographed most of the things I’ve made (and can’t yet share some others), I thought I’d do something a bit more like Jen of Grainline Studio did, and list the things that were inspiring and good in 2013, and the Read More…

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Chelsea Bazaar Cinco de Mayo redux

First, a confession: this was the first fair I’ve ever done as a vendor. And hey, I survived! In fact, I had a good time, met some great people, learned a lot and, oh yeah, sold a few things.
There were some indie businesses I really liked, I want to mention three of them. Right across from me was Forma de Ser, with an amazing selection of handmade gifts, jewelry, baskets, bags made by artisans in Read More…

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Chelsea Bazaar’s Cinco de Mayo edition

I’ll be vending at Chelsea Bazaar’s Cinco de Mayo edition this Sunday (May 5), from 11 am to 6 pm at 135 W 18th Street (between 6th and 7th avenues) – do come by!
I’ll be taking some hand-embroidered t-shirts & skirts, sewing patterns (yay! paper patterns are here!) sewing kits, made-to-order samples of my blouses, dresses & skirts, embroidery kits, sari scarves… even a tiny sample sale! Look, pretty blouses:
for <a class=Read More…

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Not stitching today

I do not believe in being political on this blog but… I feel so sick about the children murdered in Newtown, Connecticut today. Who would kill kindergartners? Who?
I cannot sew anything, and I cannot write about sewing. And I am lucky: my daughters are asleep, safe in their beds. The worst things that happened today was that they nearly lost my wedding ring and got my watch wet so that it doesn’t work anymore.
Why does Read More…

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Return to New York

We were in Hungary last week, where I picked up some wonderful merchandise for the soon-to-open Kate & Rose web shop. A sneak peek:
matyodesign t-shirt
The store will open with a selection of made-to-order dresses, blouses, embroidered t-shirts, and more. Soon after, I will begin adding sewing patterns, sewing kits, embroidery patterns and embroidery kits. I am super-excited about it Read More…

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Embroidery link roundup

I came across the links below while surfing the web in odd free moments last week.
First up, two tutorials about Chemanthi or Chemanthy stitching, a technique popular in India. Looks like something that would go kinda quick and look  lovely too. I’d love to try this technique on a linen-cotton blouse. Or two. My theory is that you could make the blouse, wear it, then stitch on it when you get a chance. Like she Read More…

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Sewing link roundup

Every now and then, I’ll be posting a collection of sewing-related links here. There are wonderful resources on other blogs, great new books, so many places to get advice, learn something new, get ideas, be inspired – so, without further comment, here are today’s links!
I’ve lately become obsessed with peplum blouses. (Anthropologie has some great ones), and a couple very cute peplum polka dot blouses were recently on the Sew Weekly:

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