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About the back of embroidery

When I learned to embroider in elementary school we were told in no uncertain terms that the back of one’s embroidery absolutely must look as neat as the front. No excuses, no exceptions.
small sample from bewitching botanicals
These days I’m more inclined to think that you should do whatever gets you started – knots, long tails, a big giant mess, it’s your embroidery, after all. Sometimes Read More…

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Chelsea Bazaar Cinco de Mayo redux

First, a confession: this was the first fair I’ve ever done as a vendor. And hey, I survived! In fact, I had a good time, met some great people, learned a lot and, oh yeah, sold a few things.
There were some indie businesses I really liked, I want to mention three of them. Right across from me was Forma de Ser, with an amazing selection of handmade gifts, jewelry, baskets, bags made by artisans in Read More…

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Stitching Social – the report

The first Kate & Rose Stitching Social took place Saturday afternoon, and it was fun! We worked on the Buzsak witchy stitching motif (instructions here, here, and here).
I meant to Read More…

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Hungarian Sampler Part Six: Stamina – completing our Buzsak witchy stitching

It’s time to finish the Buzsak witchy stitching section of our sampler blouse!
We will learn two stitches to do this: the backstitch, and the satin stitch. Be not afraid: the satin stitch is actually much less difficult to master than you would think. And it allows for corrections! Virtually no Hungarian embroiderer satin stitches absolutely perfectly yet their work is usually still quite beautiful.
We left off with all our open chain stitching and Read More…

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Hungarian Sampler Part Five: Filling in our Buzsak witchy stitching

When you take a look at the stitching we’d done so far in the sampler, you will notice we haven’t yet filled in any areas. When you look at this photograph I took in Buzsak at the embroidery exhibit, you can see the v-shaped stitches used inside the areas outlined by open chain stitches:
hungarian embroidery buzsak - buzsaki himzesRead More…

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Hungarian Sampler Part Four: witchy stitching from Buzsak

It has taken WAY too long for me to get back to this sampler, but better late than never (I hope)! If you look at the rest of the blog you can see a little bit of what I’ve been doing… But it’s time to end the hiatus!
From the village of Buzsak, right near Balaton, come some stunning, though at this moment in time not as well-known styles of handwork made with amazingly varied techniques. There are three main techniques Read More…

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Hungarian Sampler: Administrative Update

Last week was so busy I never got a chance to get the next installment of the sampler written up. But, it is coming! In the meantime, I did want to let you know about the Hungarian Sampler flickr group I set up – join any time!
The tutorials that go along with the sampler will be up indefinitely so there’s really no time limit on joining in. (Which makes ME feel better about Read More…

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