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Outlining with running stitch: a tutorial

I just realized it’s been exactly a month since my last post, a very busy month behind the scenes but a very quiet one for the blog. Quietness can be a wonderful thing though! Especially when you make something with it, like a bit of embroidery.
Bewitching Botanicals napBewitching Botanicals motif with running stitch outline
I Read More…

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About the back of embroidery

When I learned to embroider in elementary school we were told in no uncertain terms that the back of one’s embroidery absolutely must look as neat as the front. No excuses, no exceptions.
small sample from bewitching botanicals
These days I’m more inclined to think that you should do whatever gets you started – knots, long tails, a big giant mess, it’s your embroidery, after all. Sometimes Read More…

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