Stitching Social – the report

The first Kate & Rose Stitching Social took place Saturday afternoon, and it was fun! We worked on the Buzsak witchy stitching motif (instructions here, here, and here).

I meant to take pictures but partly I didn’t get a chance to spend time on it so the few I did take ended up looking a touch, umm, abstract (yes, there was wine…and lots of colorful balls of perle cotton):


First Kate & Rose stitching social - Hungarian embroidery workshop


(A confession: I seriously don’t know why it’s called ‘witchy stitching’. I asked when I was in Buzsak but rather suspect I haven’t found the right person to ask yet.)

And here is Kim stitching away:


I can (of course) think of a thousand things I would do differently next time.

Oh, and there definitely WILL be a next time! A weekend afternoon in January, exact date TBA.

I’m rather late posting about the Stitching Social because: our first pattern is almost ready to be released! This has, of course, meant endless details, tweaking, setbacks, tests, and so forth but finally, it is almost here. It’s the Róza blouse, a sweet peasant-style blouse with several variations and endless possibilities for embellishment (like here, here, and here)  and I cannot wait to show it to you!

And, in the spirit of Holiday giving, I’ve got a couple surprises planned… Stay tuned!

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