Sewing Summit FTW!

I’m off to Sewing Summit 2013 in Salt Lake City, I get there late tonight. I wish I was there already, looking for someone to have breakfast with, and later shopping for fabric… (And then again not: Zsuzsi is a bit sick this morning, nothing major but still, I don’t like leaving my sick baby. She’ll be alright. I know she’ll be alright. I don’t leave until late afternoon and will be with her ’til then.)



I’m in the process of deciding what to pack. I mean besides the clothes I’ll wear, and fabric for classes I’m taking – I mean the things I might work on while I’m there. A blouse-to-be cut out and ready to be sewn, and some more fabric for a different one perhaps? Hmm. I decided against taking much by way of my good needlework tools as I’m afraid of TSA agents confiscating them because I don’t plan to have checked luggage. So, just some thread and fabric and patterns it will be. (This, this mind game I have to play with myself before every flight I take annoys me endlessly but I know I’d feel worse if my carryon got searched and tools confiscated. Also, I rather think not all TSA agents agree about what is allowed in carryons and what isn’t.)

Hopefully (this being Sewing Summit and all) it won’t be too hard to find some needles and scissors right there in SLC! If you’re coming too, look me up, ‘kay?

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