Sewing with knits: for the girls!

My sewing machine is still in the shop so I’ve been sewing mostly knits lately. Because, unlike with wovens, I can do most of the sewing on the serger, which lets me avoid cursing a blue streak over the slowness of my (otherwise perfectly fine) backup sewing machine. At the Workroom Social’s Manhattan Popup party & swap meet I scored a few yards of this pink leopard-print knit. Which means Z and E got some new dresses:


And I was finally able to photograph them! Usually they run away and hide under beds, inside closets, under chairs and giggle when show up with my camera but somehow yesterday we managed actual pictures.



(We had a dance theme going, which becomes more pronounced after the fold. There were a lot of ‘freezedance’ moves.)

This was a super simple dress to make. I traced existing clothing that fits the girls, cut out the pieces, and added some gathered skirts, E’s with two tiers. The bodices are lined – i.e. I just cut out 2 of both the front and back pieces, and sewed them all together. I used this technique that you can see on video on the Colette Patterns blog to cleanly finish the armholes. It’s a great technique and will give you a very clean-looking sleeveless bodice, it’s easy once you get the mechanics of it. I didn’t do a collar for the neckline so I just sewed the necklines of the bodice and lining together (with right sides together) before doing the armholes. Easy! (Or as Z would say: ‘easy-peasy lemon-squeezy’ – I’ve no idea where she got that. If any of you know, will you tell me?)

Z is VERY proud of her ballet moves – and I think she’s quite good, if I do say so myself:








Meanwhile, E worked on being a very serious model:



Only to have her sister attempt to thwart her efforts – because there was some goofing off, of course:



(I think that’s an Alvin Ailey move. With E’s trying to be all thoughtful-model.)










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3 Responses to Sewing with knits: for the girls!

  1. Ann says:

    Hi, I brought that fabric to the party, and I’m so glad it turned into something so cute!! I’m also really happy to learn about your patterns (I came to your blog from the interview on Tilly’s site). I share that 70’s aesthetic too. My mom used to embroider flowers on our shirts all the time, sometimes to patch a spot that needed to be mended, sometimes on brand new stuff. But unfortunately although she tried to teach me while I was a kid, it didn’t take. Anyway, I really like your patterns and will have to try something out soon!!

    • kata says:

      Ann, thank you for the fabric! It was a BIG hit. The embroidery-as-mending: it’s so clever, you turn a flaw into an asset. (Kind of like when a software bug turns out to be a feature, right? Okay not quite but perhaps you get what I’m trying to say…) I’d love to see what you make with my patterns! Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Ann says:

    Hi! You’re so welcome! I have my eye on the Mariska skirt. I think it would look really cute with a Nettie bodysuit, which I also haven’t made yet. I’ll try to make this whole outfit, and send you a photo! I’m an awfully slow sewist, but sometime this summer….

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