Sewing Indie Month 2015 Sewalong Contest Prizes

Dear Sewing Friends, it is that time again: Sewing Indie Month let’s-see-what-we-can-win time! We have over $1000 in prizes for you so you really can’t go wrong. We have three sewalong categories with three amazing blogger leaders, and a bonus prize that will be selected from all sewalong contest participants. Take a look!


Dressed to the Nines:

The Dressed to the Nines sewalong contest is led by the inimitable Laura of Lilacs and Lace, and here’s what you can win:

DressedToTheNinesSponsorPack DressedToTheNinesPrizePack

Everyday Casual:

The Everyday Casual sewalong contest is led by the lovely Mary of Idle Fancy, and here’s what you can win:
EverydayCasualSponsorPack EverydayCasualPrizePack

Pattern Hacking:

The Pattern Hacking sewalong contest is led by the talented Rhonda of Rhonda’s Creative Life. And the prizes are:

Bonus Prize:

One bonus winner will be randomly drawn from the participants of all three sewalongs, and will win the following prizes:
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