A rose is a rose is a rose – or an embroidery kit

In honor of Valentine’s day, a lovely flower to stitch: introducing the first embroidery kit by Kate & Rose!

It is the ever popular Matyó rose from North-Eastern Hungary, wich was also the last motif of the Hungarian Sampler:



Each kit contains a 9″x9″  (24×24 cm) fabric square with finished edges pre-printed with the rose motif:


From left to right – rose on white washed linen, black cotton, and – in honor of Valentine’s day, and my daughters, and all other lovers of pink – on pink raw silk noil. All yummy fabrics to embroider on. The motif is stenciled with a traditional punch-pounce method used in Hungary for many years, and still used in most villages. Instead of the traditional ink, however, we are using a non-toxic ink that washes out of the fabric when you’re done stitching.

(The absolutely traditional way is to use wall paint and paraffin oil cooked to a goo then thinned with turpentine – I’ll write about this sometime but suffice it to say you maybe don’t want to inhale near it. Or get it on your hands. So I modernized a little.)(You’re welcome.)

Each kit also contains a ball of #8 perle cotton (you won’t use all of it… but you WILL use a lot!), a needle, and 6″ (15 cm) diameter wooden embroidery hoop:


Finally, here are the threads I chose for each fabric:



For the linen – a rich purple; for the black cotton – a warm pearly one, and for the pink – a lovely apple green. So pretty, right?

Detailed instructions for stitching this rose motif can be found here, on the last page of the Hungarian Sampler.

So hop on over to the shop to pick up your very own Matyó rose embroidery kit, and get stitching!

… Aaaannnd, if you like this motif but have never stitched a cabbage rose before, or perhaps you’d never stitched anything but you’d like to learn how to embroider this flower motif, come and take a class with me!

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