Return to New York

We were in Hungary last week, where I picked up some wonderful merchandise for the soon-to-open Kate & Rose web shop. A sneak peek:

matyodesign t-shirt

The store will open with a selection of made-to-order dresses, blouses, embroidered t-shirts, and more. Soon after, I will begin adding sewing patterns, sewing kits, embroidery patterns and embroidery kits. I am super-excited about it all and can hardly wait to show you!

A large part of why I went to Hungary was to pick up some finished merchandise and meet-coordinate with my colleague there, but I was also doing some research for embroidery patterns for the future:

matyo cross-stitch

I also finalized embroidery designs coming soon with sewing kits:

kalocsai applique

And working on sewing patterns. I wish I could show you more of the sewing patterns, they will be so lovely! But I can’t just yet.

Of course, the best part is that we could also fit in some family time, and visit – for example – a prehistoric dwelling, a.k.a. cavepeople’s cave:

prehistoric dwelling near cherepfalva, hungary

And a former quarry:

cserepfalu quarry

Although we had a 10-hour unplanned layover in Munich on the way back and we narrowly missed seeing my cousin who lives there with her family, which I’m really bummed about. Really really.

The layover itself was not so bad, partly because of the airplaneful of other people waiting to get to New York, many of them with children. We found an indoor playground with a play-plane that the kids loved. Inside the play-plane:

munchen play-plane

To be honest, the hurricane made flying into JFK International Airport only very slightly more unpleasant than usual (that’s just how bad it is under normal circumstances). We got in very late last night, just half a day after JFK was reopened, with kids who were tired but mostly happy:


On the other hand, New York is a mess. I don’t think the Financial District will be back to anywhere near normal anytime soon. The subway on our block is still out of commission. I think the corrosion from seawater must be formidable. A couple blocks below ours the blackout begins, which means – among many other things – that our local grocery stores are closed. It also means we have people staying with us whose apartment doesn’t have electricity. They were told power will be restored on Monday.

Driving back from the airport was the strangest experience: from below 39th Streeet, everything on one side of 5th avenue it was pitch dark, with only cars lighting up the streets, and the occasional pedestrian with a flashlight. The other side is almost normal. On the blacked-out side all traffic lights are out, which makes getting through intersections rather interesting. Or, it makes for the kind of situation in which cab drivers break out in a cold sweat and mention, just as an aside, and wistfully, that traffic lights are pretty wonderful.

Today I took a walk around our neighborhood looking to buy some food, which is a bit challenging here (although not at all above 50th Street). It was eerie to see all the shuttered stores. And that’s all the way down to the southern tip of Manhattan from where we are: half of Manhattan.

Sadly, this does mean that everything I planned is going to be delayed by another week or two, depending on when the city gets its mojo back (by which I mean, of course, electricity).

But! Something really cool: the lovely Megan Nielsen’s design company, Megan Nielsen Patterns, is one year old! Congratulations to Megan – she’s doing such lovely work, with stylish, pretty, yet approachable designs. I love her patterns & will have to post pictures of how I made them up. I hope she keeps them coming. And I hope her second year in business will be as exciting as the first!


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