New stockist: Gather Here in Cambridge, MA

Meet our new stockist: Gather Here in Cambridge, Massachusetts! Gather Here is an awesome stitch lounge and fabric store where, among many other lovely things, you can now buy Kate & Rose patterns. If you’re in the Boston area, drop in to pick up everything you need to make an embroidered Róza blouse: the pattern, a hot-iron transfer (or two…), as well as all the fabric and thread you might need.

Kate & Rose patterns

(Wouldn’t the center inset of the Róza blouse look cute with this long design from the Faraway Garden pattern set?)

But that is not all. Gather Here also offers a studio space to make things (and meet other makers), and classes starting with all kinds of sewing and ranging through knitting and crochet to screen printing, toy-making and – but of course! – embroidery. And the Pints’n Purls evenings: what could be better than stitching away with crafty friends over some beer? Definitely a shop after my own heart 😉

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3 Responses to New stockist: Gather Here in Cambridge, MA

  1. starr white says:

    Hi Kati! I have been using your beautiful embroidery patterns and they are wonderful! So easy to use and so lovely. Anyone who buys your patterns will not be disappointed!!

  2. Virginia says:

    So excited to be stocking your patterns! And to be doing our very first Róza blouse workshop in April! We’ll be sure to send you info when classes launch and post lots of pictures of the finished results. Thanks for being awesome!

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