New embroidery patterns now available to buy – and a freebie too!

Three new embroidery patterns are ready for you to download & stitch up as you wish! Two designs based on Matyó embroidery form Northern Hungary are now available on Etsy or Craftsy:

Matyo embroidery pattern listings

Both contain lots of motifs to play with, and instructions with stitching suggestions, a bit of background info, and diagrams of stitches to make all sorts of variations, as well as suggestions for how to place them on clothes. Stitch them on a Róza blouse or a dress, or anything else you want to folklorify (oh, is that not a word? Well it should be!). Each pattern actually contains four files to make printing easier:

  • Instructions file (formatted to print on US letter or A4 size paper);
  • pattern file formatted to print on US letter or A4 size paper – the long pattern prints to two pages from this file that you’ll need to tape together, just like a PDF sewing pattern;
  • pattern file formatted to print on US legal size paper;
  • and one more pattern file formatted to print on A3 size paper.

Read on to find out more –

The Faraway Garden pattern set is first. Here’s a detail, stitched up:

Faraway Garden pattern detail

Available on Etsy or Craftsy. This set contains designs for the center front of a blouse or t-shirt, or the neckline. Some sample placements on the Róza:

Faraway Garden Hungarian Matyo embroidery on Roza


The pattern was designed to work perfectly with the Roza (also available on Etsy or Craftsy)… I’ve got something up my sleeve with this, by the way – but you’ll have to wait a bit to find out what. In the meantime, I’ve gotten this pattern ready to be stitched onto the neckline of a Colette Patterns Jasmine blouse I made a couple years ago:



This is what I mean: there’s an easy-to-apply v-neck design in the pattern set. Now to add more hours to the day so I’d have time to stitch it up!

The second pattern set is called Cabbage Rose Fancy, and it’s a sampler of floral motifs from the same part of Hungary. It’s a selection of motifs from the kind of Matyó embroidery you won’t really see anyone stitching anymore. I used this pattern for my Matyó-on-crack Róza blouse:

Matyo on crack Roza blouse


Now you can make the same thing! All you have to do is grab a Roza, a Cabbage Rose Fancy, spend a little bit of time sewing and lots and lots of time embroidering…. Easy-peasy! (And again I’m reminded of the fact that there are sadly few hours in a day.) You can keep it simpler, of course, as the pattern set also contains individual, smaller motifs, like the one on the second blouse below:

Cabbage Rose Fancy embroidery on Roza blouse

Finally, to start things off with a bang, I’ve got a freebie PDF embroidery pattern for you! Here it is, stitched on a Sewaholic Renfrew top:


Read the next post to find out more.

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