Midtown Collection: paper patterns!

Midtown Collection sewing patterns


The three new patterns from the Midtown Collection are now available as paper patterns, along with the Róza pattern.


Kate & Rose sewing patterns


You can now purchase the Giselle, Zsálya and Mariska patterns on paper as well as PDF. I kept the format and packaging I used for the Róza to remain true to the handmade, hand-crafted feel I want to capture with Kate & Rose patterns. They’re printed on recycled tissue, with a saddle-stitched instruction booklet packaged in a simple, translucent vellum envelope:


Zsalya pattern unwrapped


Oh, one last thing! It’s also my birthday tomorrow, I’m turning 42, and, mathematically, 42 is all kinds of special (don’t ask – my parents are mathematicians) – so let’s celebrate! Now through midnight on Sunday, June 22, please enjoy 15% off all orders, including all hot-iron transfers, PDF patterns, fabric and trims. Use coupon code MidtownSewing at checkout to get your discount. Meet you at the shop, ‘kay?

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4 Responses to Midtown Collection: paper patterns!

  1. lathelize says:

    Love your sewing patterns! I will probably try the Isalya and the giselle.
    And if you’re looking for French size 2 (XS?) testers, I’ll adore to try (I’ve ever been deer&doe tester but I’m obviously not curvy enough!)

  2. Melwyk says:

    Beautiful packaging! And happy birthday, from another 42-er. I love 42. Have a good one.

  3. Barbara says:

    I love the Zsalya pattern, or what I can see of it. Suggestion: Have models keep hair off the front of their garments so we can see the whole thing? I found it on a blog where I could see it all. I’m going to save up to buy this, because it is perfect for me to wear as a dress after I have reconstructive hand surgery in October and will be forbidden to use buttons, snaps, zippers, or hooks for at least 6 months post-op. I won’t be able to manage those things well for about a year, in total, and will spend months in physical therapy. I have to replace my entire wardrobe since I’m having this done on both hands, involving two years for total recovery. As you can imagine, there is a lot of expense involved for me to have adaptive devices and clothing. I am a retired nurse, and I hope sincerely that your nephew makes a full recovery. Kids always just broke my heart when I had them as patients.

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