Announcement: Kate & Rose sewing patterns at Indiesew

There’s a new place to buy Kate & Rose PDF sewing patterns: in the Indiesew shop! Indiesew founder Allie posted a lovely introduction on the Indiesew blog yesterday.

introducing kate & rose


I especially love the fabrics chosen for the Zsálya blouse sample, they make me think of summer and sunlight and Colorado deserts. I also love the Mariska in a geometric print, it would never have occurred to me to choose it and it looks really good.

There’s another bit of news. Indiesew carries all new, updated and revised PDF files of all patterns. Never fear, the pattern pieces are still the same, but everything else has been made a little better. I have been a busy bee working on these improvements during the past month. I had several goals in mind, based on how I use PDF patterns and find helpful, as well as feedback from customers and other pattern users. First of all, I wanted to make the home printing version easier, less time-consuming, and more economical to print and assemble. Each pattern still has a copyshop version formatted for 36″/91 cm wide paper, never fear! In fact, I am curious if there are other formats that you’d find useful, as I can include those in future updates.

The pattern instructions have also been streamlined and redesigned in a way that, hopefully, makes your experience of using them even better. The one down side: I had to raise the prices. This was something I should have done a while ago but kept putting it off. Yet the reality is that the new prices better reflect how versatile the patterns are and how many options they include, as well as how much work and care went into designing and producing them.

I will tell you more of the details next time, along with something else that will, I hope sweeten the new prices. Stay tuned!

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  1. Allie Olson says:

    We’re so excited to carry these top-notch patterns!

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