They’re here! They’re here! They’re here: folksy hot-iron embroidery transfers

These were SUCH a long time in the making. Almost a year and a half, to be precise. But they’re finally here! Folksy hot-iron embroidery transfers, not just one but FOUR sheets:


I couldn’t be more excited. Thrilled even. I’ve been stitching up a storm testing them, prepping sample cloths, and I have to say, this iron-on stuff is amazing! Getting designs on cloth is SO EASY. In other words, the thing I like the least about embroidery is pretty much all taken care of. (Okay. I’ve used hot-iron transfer sheets before. Just not my own!)

Let me tell you a little bit about the designs. There are four sheets total, with two sets of designs based on the folkwear and folklore of two regions with very distinctive embroidery styles. Each transfer sheet package comes in a pretty vellum envelope and also includes an extra sheet with transfer instructions and suggested stitches to create both casual and more traditional versions of the designs.


For two of the sheets I’ve revamped the Matyó Northern Hungarian designs you already know – removed some duplications, added new motifs, and fit them all onto two sheets, called Faraway Garden and Cabbage Rose Fancy. I’ll talk more in detail about them over the coming weeks. You’ve seen some of these before if you’ve used my PDF embroidery patterns (which are also back online at my Etsy store). Go casual and do a quick outlining job, like I did here:


Or go traditional and follow the included folklore-based stitching instructions – like I did here with the two brand spanking new embroidery patterns available as both hot-iron transfer and PDF:






I didn’t add color guides as the colors vary HUGELY in even the most traditional iterations of these particular styles.

Now go, go get yourself one of these and try it out!  You can get several imprints out of each transfer. I’ve been able to do four. Haven’t tried more yet – I will let you know.

OH! AND! Special for the holidays:


The Kate & Rose Embroidery Patterns gift pack: all four designs, tied up with a pretty folksy ribbon (and at a discount):


Wouldn’t this be a great gift for the folksy embroiderer in your life? (Or for yourself?)

This weekend, I’ve got some more last-minute Christmas shopping goodies coming your way, all for the folklore-minded stitching enthusiast. Stay tuned!

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