DIY peasant blouse kit & paper patterns – make a hand-embroidered Róza top

Let me present to you the Róza DIY peasant blouse kit:



This is only one of three kits available now at an introductory price (really – I’ll never be able to make these happen for the same price again). Go take a look!

There were several things I really wanted to do with these kits. One, I wanted to make it really easy to sew up a Róza blouse – the kits come with all fabric, thread, bias tape and instructions necessary to make them, as well as – optionally! – a paper pattern.

Two, I wanted to create kits that honor making something with the work of our own hands. Sewing for oneself is already like that, but I believe hand-embroidery makes you especially aware that the things we wear and use every single day were made by living, breathing people. They were touched by someone’s hands, with care and attention. So… Two of the kits contain handmade, finished embroidery ready for you to sew into your blouse.

Yes, finished: you can have a hand-embroidered peasant blouse without having to do any amount of hand-embroidery! And you can feel good about it too – hand-embroidery is completely under-appreciated as work in most Hungarian villages, and yet it is a skill that takes dexterity, know-how, and years of experience for anyone to do well.

Three, I wanted to use materials in a way that is as sustainable as I can make it. So… all of the packaging is made of recycled materials, and produced locally by small businesses. I believe that sustainability is, in part, helping people find a way to make a living where they are. I do not believe mass-production of either clothing or fabrics is ever going back to smaller-scale local manufacturing. But I do believe we, the people of this planet that is, need to figure out the best way everyone can have the opportunity to make a living, using skills they have or are able to learn, right where they live.

And here are the kit details.

The new DIY sewing kits in the shop contain everything you need to make these Róza blouses:

sewing kit blouses

Optionally, each kit can be purchased with a paper pattern, or if you already own the Róza pattern or prefer to work with the digital download, without the paper pattern.

Look, here’s the yellow floral blouse from the Róza blouse photographswith paper pattern:

yellow rayon challis peasant blouse sewing kit

Or without the paper sewing pattern, if you already own the Róza pattern or prefer the digital instant download version (which you can purchase separately):


The kit also comes with a Kate & Rose tag printed on organic cotton ribbon.

But, but! Here’s the best part: the two kits that make up embroidered blouses come with handmade embroidery finished and ready to use. Look – here’s the DIY peasant blouse with blue geometric embroidery kit (no pattern):


This is a limited edition DIY kit that comes with fabric, notions, and, best of all: hand-embroidered front blouse panel ready to use. It was made just for this kit in Hungary, in a small village near Lake Balaton called Buzsak (another place you should visit if you happen to be in Hungary!), by artisans whose work is all too little known these days. This lovely rectangular piece of white cotton fabric embroidered with medium blue colorfast perle cotton thread (also made in Hungary) is all ready to be sewn into your blouse. Look:

buzsaki himzes

The embroidery up real close:

buzsaki himzes

You can create the Róza blouse (downloadable PDF, paper pattern) with the flat front panel, with your choice of cropped or high-low hem, and short or bracelet-length sleeves.

And then, there’s this kit:

DIY hand-embroidered peasant blouse kit Kalocsa style


I designed this embroidery pattern because I love, love, love the color of paprika so much… and also the embroidery of the Kalocsa region of Hungary – and Hanna Modern Ethno Style organized making them for these kits. They’re finished around the edges so they won’t unravel, and they’re colorfast. Look how lovely the embroidered applique that comes with the kit is:


All you have to do is make your blouse, place the applique on it and stitch it on and oh look! a hand-embroidered peasant blouse. The design is based on a blouse I’d made last summer, with Kalocsa-style stitching around the neckline:



I love this style of embroidery but I find I don’t quite have the patience to make it very much. It’s gorgeous but there are only two stitches total involved and, well, it’s easy to get sleepy doing it for people like me: for whom it’s not second nature.

Oh! And! Here’s the packaging:

Roza sewing kit packaging

The design concept was created by the amazingly talented Brett Riggle. Take a look at her company’s web site – a.BCD – she makes gorgeous pottery and jewelry, and on top of that, she’s a fantastic illustrator & designer.

I adore what she did for the Kate & Rose patterns & kits. You’ve already seen Brett’s work on the Róza PDF pattern and the three PDF embroidery patterns. Which reminds me: another thing I have available is the Róza paper sewing pattern! Also paper-bag packaging (with recycled paper used for the pattern sheets and the instructions booklet):


The paper pattern for the Róza is a printed in very small runs in a small local printing facility. The pattern paper, instructions and envelope for this pattern are, like the kit packaging, all made of recycled paper.

Take a look at all this in the shop. (Psst! You also get a plantable seed rose postcard, all recycled paper in a recycled envelope, with your kit or paper pattern purchase:

Plantable seed Kate & Rose card


Until next time!)

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