Comings & goings, along with some Zsálya blouses

As is its wont, life marches on through loss and laughter.

Have you seen some of the Zsálya tops popping up for Perfect Pattern Parcel #6? They are gorgeous:



Top row – one | two

Middle row – one | two | three

Bottom row – one | two

I absolutely adore the way people have made the Zsálya their own! Please click over to see more photos from each of these bloggers, I promise it’ll be worth it. Thank you all for making them!

October is also filled with costumes and preparations for Halloween. Last weekend we visited friends in the Catskills and went to a costume ball with the girls. I love costumes: you can get out of your own skin for a while and pretend to have someone else’s life. Andy and I were both pirates – I was Anne Bonny – and the girls were (of course) Elsa & Anna:


(Photo by our friend Dan.)


May your Halloween be spooky and wild, friends!

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2 Responses to Comings & goings, along with some Zsálya blouses

  1. Did you make the Elsa and Anna?

  2. Kati says:

    Oh no! They forbade me to even try. Storebought was the only acceptable type of costume (although I did get them on Etsy & and an independent magic/costume store, to ease my coscience).

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