Introducing the Bloom of the Month series, and the Snowdrop embroidery pattern

Friends, here is the first ever Bloom of the Month embroidery pattern, Snowdrop!

snowdrop embroidery pattern

Each Bloom of the Month pattern explores a single motif – folklore-inspired, usually – and/or a single stitching technique. These patterns include one main design that prints cleanly at US Letter or A4 size (should you wish to use your ink jet printer to print directly onto fabric), a couple of smaller motifs to play around with, and a bonus full-page design.

This pattern features a wildflower to embroider, something often seen in Eastern Europe that also appears in folklore embroidery. Since it’s February, this month’s flower is the common snowdrop:


(Image from Wikipedia – sorry, there are no snowdrops in New York)

I love the snowdrop, in Hungary it’s the first flower that pokes its head out into the air, often amidst patches of snow. It’s the flower I dream of in February, when I can barely take winter anymore and can’t stop wishing for sun and springtime. To create this design, I played with a snowdrop motif usually used furniture and painted eggs in Gyimes (one of the Hungarian regions of Romania).

Snowdrop PDF embroidery pattern

This series is a bit different from my other embroidery patterns. Although I’m still referring a tiny bit to Hungarian folklore motifs, I’m departing from them in a few ways. The designs are much less regimented, they’re quicker to make, and though like folklore, they’re done with just a couple of different stitches, these designs are meant for play. With materials, if you like: I made the main sample using DMC floss (colors are listed in the pattern), and I’m planning another in crewel wool.

Oh, and one more thing! The Bloom of the Month patterns are designed with a neat little trick in mind: you can print two of the pages directly onto fabric using an inkjet printer. Wonder how? Here’s the tutorial!

Snowdrop embroidery pattern printed on fabric

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2 Responses to Introducing the Bloom of the Month series, and the Snowdrop embroidery pattern

  1. Dora says:

    Beautiful! Snowdrops have been on my mind as well 🙂

  2. Great idea! I especially love the monthly option. I could see working separate squares each month then making a quilt from the embroidered squares.

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