Beth’s Giselle dresses: a bit of selfish sewing for Selfish Sewing Week


Selfish Sewing Week has come and gone, and as you probably know by now, the Giselle dress was one of the patterns featured on Imagine Gnats, in a gorgeous purple rayon by Beth of Beth being crafty. Sleeveless, summery, flowing, and so pretty!

Beth added side seam pockets to her Giselle, which are very easy to do, and there are tons of great tutorials out there for how to do them. Carolyn (also of Carolyn pajama pattern fame) has a great tutorial for adding side seam pockets that would work perfectly for the Giselle dress, Carolyn added the same pockets to her Zsálya dress, which she had tested (here’s Carolyn’s post).


Sewaholic’s Tasia wrote another one of my favorite tutorials for adding in-seam pockets to anything, showing you how you can use her own Cambie dress pattern‘s pocket pieces for other skirts and dresses.

Now, I must confess I don’t usually add pockets to dresses but I won’t dispute their usefulness!

Beth also posted about the wearable muslin of the Giselle she’d made, with sleeves, on her own blog. It looks quite perfectly wearable to me, wouldn’t you agree? And I really love the fabric…

In other news, I have very, very few of the old versions of paper sewing patterns left, and I won’t be restocking until the new paper pattern instruction booklets are ready (getting it all together is taking a long time. A loooooong time. I had really been overly optimistic about how long it’ll take. I am sorry!). The old paper Róza is now sold out (the PDF version is of course available), and I only have two of the paper Zsályas left, and very few of the Giselles and Mariskas. Grab them while you can! They’re really cheap right now at 30% off…

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