Back in the shop: Róza paper patterns

The first new item to come to the shop isn’t quite entirely new – Róza paper patterns are back in stock! I promise there are other, completely new items coming too. But I owed you this first, especially after how many of you have emailed me wanting a paper pattern after the first (tiny) run sold out.


Roza paper pattern


I did make a few changes. First off, the pattern is now printed on tissue. Second, the booklet is rather prettier, and it has a back pocket for storing the pattern. Both of them fit into a pretty vellum envelope. Look:

roza paper pattern instruction booklet



There were a few reasons I had to make these changes. The previous iteration of the Róza paper pattern was printed on copier-weight paper. This was okay for a small run but impossibly expensive for anything bigger. They were also heavy, and especially heavy (and expensive) for shipping internationally. And something I bet none of you would guess: they take up tons of storage space.

That’s right: a budding pattern business’s biggest problem, as best I can tell, is storage space. Would you have thought that? Me neither, before I experienced it.

So, tissue is much lighter, smaller, easier to ship and store, and also less expensive to print. This allowed me to lower the price of the pattern from $25 to $19 (plus shipping). Which is kind of a big difference.

The tissue pattern then opened the way to redesigning the entire package, as you can see in the picture above. You can buy the Róza on Etsy.

The next few items for the store will have to do with embroidery and I am so, so, so excited about them. And after those, more sewing patterns! That’s right: patterns, not just one. I can’t give you an exact date yet but plan to have it all ready by Thanksgiving. In time for Christmas sewing, or as gifts to your favorite embroiderer and seamstress!

See you soon –


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  1. Wendy says:

    thank you for doing this — so glad to get one!

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