We’re back! And: a free embroidery pattern

We arrived back from our summer trip safe and sound, and we’re getting ready for the first of school: Zsuzsi is starting kindergarten! How did this happen?

As a post-labor-day gift I have a free embroidery pattern for you guys: a sweet and simple Paloc pattern from Northern Hungary. A little while ago Kollabora  sent me a care package that included one of Sublime Stitching’s half-aprons (thank you, Kollabora! By the way, are you guys members? If you haven’t yet joined, do: there is so much creativity there!). I’ve been trying to figure out what I’d like to stitch on it and then inspiration presented itself:

Vintage Hungarian Paloc Widow's head scarf

I found this lovely scarf on my last day in Budapest, in a new-to-me folk art store that I will regularly frequent from now on. This kind of black scarf was worn by widows, and it’s from the region of the country to the North and a bit West of Budapest. My grandma is from there. I’ve always loved their handwork: the designs are simpler than the ones you’ve seen me work with before but this doesn’t mean the workmanship is any worse, or that they’re less pretty.

This scarf has a black-on-black floral embroidery, only in one corner, stitched with a very fine thread, using only satin stitch and stem stitch. The fabric is a shiny, soft cotton sateen. Look how delicate the stitching is:

paloc hungarian widow scarf

The “large” flowers only 2 cm (3/4″) wide.

To create the free pattern based on this design, I enlarged the motifs a bit to make it easier to stitch them. I’m providing the larger center design and the smaller chained flower design (this one with both left and right orientation):

Paloc hungarian floral embroidery motif


Here’s how I started arranging it on the apron, starting along the bottom:

half-apron with paloc hungarian motif

There are any number of other ways these motifs could be arranged. Maybe a long design like this:

lengthwise paloc hungarian embroidery motif

I was thinking this would look pretty on the front panel of a Roza blouse:

roza blouse with hungarian paloc embroidery motif


Or you could tweak it into a design for a neckline:

paloc hungarian neckline embrodiery design


Which could fit on a blouse like the Roza like this:

Roza blouse with paloc hungarian neckline embroidery

You can download the pattern here.

And if you’d like to try your hand at stitching it on the Roza blouse, you can buy the Roza pattern (also PDF) in my Etsy store or on Craftsy.

Can’t wait to see what you guys make!

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4 Responses to We’re back! And: a free embroidery pattern

  1. Dora says:

    Nagyon szep! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Kata Harrison says:

    Szia Kata!

    Koszi, hogy megosztottad ezt a mintat. Az iskolaban nemsokara nemzetkozi nap lesz es a gyerekeket magyar ruhaba oltoztetem. A nagylanynak en himzem a bluzat es epp egy ilyesmi mintara volt szuksegem. Mar csak azt remelem, hogy talalok itt Omanban megfelelo himzofonalat.

    Udv, Kata Harrison

    • kata says:

      Szia Kata, szivesen! Esetleg kuldesz majd fenykepet a kesz ruharol? Nagyon kivancsi lennek ra! Nem tudom ez segit-e (hatha): az Anchor-nak van Pakisztanban egy gyara, ahol egesz jo himzofonalat gyartanak. Ebay-en talaltam toluk #8 perle pamuthimzot. Minden jot!

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