The Giselle dress, the blues, and a soapbox: Oona’s flowers

The inimitable Oonaballoona made a stunning Giselle dress,  just look:


I was amazingly fortunate to have Oona test the Giselle pattern, her feedback was SO generous! (And also, I knew there’d be eye candy at some point. And fabric envy. I’m not sure how I’ll manage my sudden attack thereof…)

Oona talks about her approach to pattern testing in her post, along with a review of the Giselle pattern. And there is a giveaway! One copy of the Giselle paper pattern (just shipped from the printer, whee!) will go to a lucky winner. International contestants welcome!

Click over to Oona’s to enter!


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2 Responses to The Giselle dress, the blues, and a soapbox: Oona’s flowers

  1. oonaballoona says:

    kati, i LOVED testing your gorgeous pattern, in fact i love this pattern so much, i’m actually sewing one for SOMEONE ELSE!! now that’s love!

    (and if you visit my janky h&m fabric store on 39th next to parons, you’ll find this yardage in blue *and* black, for $3-$5 a yard, depending on the owner’s, ahem, mood)

    • kata says:

      Oona, I found your store and the fabric – I think it’s a rayon challis, what do you think? Great fabric for summer. I also found a crazy floral-print poly jersey that I SO look forward to making a dress with…

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