Sewing link roundup

Every now and then, I’ll be posting a collection of sewing-related links here. There are wonderful resources on other blogs, great new books, so many places to get advice, learn something new, get ideas, be inspired – so, without further comment, here are today’s links!

I’ve lately become obsessed with peplum blouses. (Anthropologie has some great ones), and a couple very cute peplum polka dot blouses were recently on the Sew Weekly:

I love how peplum blouses give you the visual effect of wearing a dress but you can wear pants with them. Or shorts. As needed.

Some good, practical sewing-advice posts have also turned up recently:

And last but not least, a couple of great reviews of Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. (Which book, incidentally, is about the opposite of the previous two links as it’s about slower, couture-style, time- and labor-intensive sewing techniques – but that’s sort of the point: there are garments that cannot be made quickly, and we are forgetting how to make these what with today’s ready-to-wear technology making its way into home sewing. I want to make several things from this book – a couple versions of the high-waisted skirt, the 40s-style dress with front zipper, blouses… if I ever have some free time, that is.)

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