New shop & not-so-new border print Giselles

Very softly, the new Kate & Rose shop launched last week. I’m still working out a few kinks (mostly formatting-related, nothing functional! I hope…) and thank you for your patience while I do it!

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In the meantime, some of you might have seen on Instragram that I’m a bit obsessed with border prints. Since it JUST turned cold here in New York, I thought it was high time I shared two of my absolute favorite summer dresses with you: Giselle dresses with border prints. (Oh yes. Later is definitely better than never!)

One is a maxi dress I made using Petal in Eggplant from Alison Glass’s Handcrafted line. (You guys! I love this fabric line. It’s lovely fabric and on top of that it has a beautiful modern design that nevertheless feels to me like it’s solidly grounded in many very old traditions!) This dress is awesome. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it walking around, even in Mood Fabrics, would you believe it?


I love this dress more than I can say. I still wear it around the house though it’s definitely too cold for outdoors now.



A bit of Ren Faire, no? The long skirt swishes and swirls, it’s fun to wear and flattering, and as you can see I added in-seam pockets. I’m now regretting I never put the in-seam pockets into the actual pattern – I’m thinking of putting a freebie up with instructions to put in-seam pockets into ANYTHING – what do you guys think?


While this fabric is what I think of as mass-produced, it beautifully references handblocked fabric made in small, family manufacturing facilities, like blue-dye cloth (kékfestö), which is a hand-blocked resist dying technique popular in Europe, and which is, to my mind, the first mass-produced printed fabric in Europe. You can read more about it here.

So naturally, the other Giselle I wanted to show you is made with blue-dye fabric (what else?).


This one is light, spare, shorter and VERY hot-weather-appropriate. I’m trying to figure out how to make a blue-dye dress for winter… I’m not quite there yet.

I am working on something winter-appropriate, and I used blue-dye cloth for my latest sample. I’m totally obsessed with it.


This may be the absolute most traditional item of clothing I’ve ever made (yet not entirely! but that’s still my secret.). The pattern is nearly done, and I’m super thrilled with it. I need a new peasant blouse for my mom-uniform, I’ve worn the Zsálya to death these past two winters!) (Although honestly, I just look demented in this photo… In my defense: I need a haircut quite badly). But this blouse, you guys! Border print, blue-dye, traditional-but-not-quite, crazy-big sleeves, hand-stitched details: it was so much fun to make. More soon, I hope! There is another new pattern coming too… I haven’t been absent for no reason, I promise!



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  1. TinaD says:

    Love the new blue blouse…great sleeves!

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