Playing with hot-iron embroidery transfer, and some shop news

Here’s something I had a little fun with when I was making samples for one of the new hot-iron embroidery transfer sheets (Bewitching Botanicals):


Random stitch sampler! I tried to use quick and casual (and I think easy) stitches, though I did flip through my trusty Embroidery Stitch Bible, just to get some ideas.

One thing I don’t like about always strictly following the rules of folklore embroidery is that because you only use a few stitches within a particular style (or regional variation), it can get kind of monotonous. (Well okay, let’s be honest, it can get a little tiny bit boring.) So I decided to break the rules and have a little fun with it! Pretty anyway, no?

(And now I want to go hide in my room with all my ironed-on iron-on patterns and some thread and a needle… Guess what’s not going to happen!)

In other news, I’ve set up a dedicated online store for the core Kate & Rose products: the patterns and hot-iron transfers. All of these are now available for wholesale. If you have a shop, or know of a shop that might be interested in carrying any of these products, let me know! Write to, or use the form on the contact page or wholesale inquiry page.

I’m using Storenvy, which seems easy and pleasant so far.

I’m keeping the Kate & Rose Etsy shop open too, with a changing selection of all sorts of things folksy, as well as the PDF versions of the patterns and hot-iron transfers.

(Update: so the first image I posted had a mis-writing in it – it should have said ‘Feather stitch’ where it said ‘Buttonhole stitch’ – all fixed now. Goes to show I should not hurry-up-and-post anything while I have a child home sick and it’s the end of the day and said child is getting restless.)

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