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I’m in the process of making tiny improvements to the site, fixing glitches, and making specific projects and tutorials more accessible. (About glitches: aaarrgh! They’re not technical in nature, except insofar as my brain may be experiencing technical difficulties here and there. I’ve accidentally published drafts not once but several times now. I’ve made note of two things not to do to avoid this in the future: 1. don’t switch from working on a laptop to working on the desktop in the middle of a task such that I have no idea what got saved where, and 2. don’t throw multi-day birthday slumber parties for my daughters when I’m trying to accomplish, well, anything else. It was fun. But I really think I have brain damage. Anyway!)



The Hungarian Sampler was my first free embroidery pattern and it now finally has its own product page in the shop, along with the Little Berry Burst pattern. As a reference, I’m also creating this dedicated main page so that you can easily access all of the tutorials in the Hungarian Sampler series.

This sampler is a great way to get more familiar with Central European folklore embroidery or just expand your repertory of embroidery stitches. The links below take you to step-by-step photo tutorials to create each of the five designs, with the stitches broken down for easier learning. I also included a bit of background on the motifs, along with photographs showing alternate (and more traditional) color schemes.

I stitched the sampler onto a tank top but folksier, raglan-sleeved blouses would also work great for this sampler, including the Róza or the Uptown folk blouse by Kate & Rose Patterns. Here are some design placement suggestions:


Hungarian Sampler ideas


Each motif can be used individually as well for an entirely different look. I think this design would also look great on a table runner or throw pillow.

Links to tutorial pages:



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  7. Liz M says:

    Wanted to say thank you so much for providing this incredible resource! This was only my second attempt at embroidery ever, and I never expected to be able to make something so beautiful (just don’t look at the back, haha). Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and talents so that others can learn this incredible art form. Thanks again!

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