Another pretty Róza blouse!

Another pretty Róza blouse sewn up by Chrissy! Take a look:

Roza blouse by Chrissy



Chrissy used a double gauze fabric with smaller checks on one side and large checks on the other, making the front panel in the “reverse” of the rest of the blouse.

I love the effect! Chrissy is a very creative seamstress who I was lucky enough to meet while she was still in New York last year. She also talks about what it’s like to use the PDF pattern itself, which is so kind of her! Go read her review – and also take a look at the other things she makes.

The Róza blouse & dress pattern is available as a downloadable PDF pattern (on Etsy or Craftsy), and as a paper pattern (on Etsy).

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  1. Hey Thanks!
    I updated my website so your links are not working may want to check them.
    I really do plan to make more of these. I just keep getting jobs that pile up in front of getting to make stuff for myself.

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