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Hello Dear Stitching Friends,

It’s been far too long since I last wrote. And now, suddenly, I’ve got a whole lot of news for you!

First of all, I’m releasing several brand new, smaller patterns, just in time to create a few handmade gifts for the holidays! They’re all in the shop now, ready for your stitching hands.


Several of these new patterns were designed so that you can print them directly onto fabric using an ink jet printer and some freezer paper. A while back I wrote a tutorial explaining how to do this, and I’ve re-released the Snowdrop pattern shown in that post with a new and updated stitch dictionary.


A brand new pattern in this series is Morning Bouquet, which is based on the gorgeous embroidery designs and stitching techniques of Hungary’s Kalocsa region.


This small design is a great way to get your feet wet if you aren’t yet ready to commit to a larger project, and a great way to practice those straight satin stitches. It can be printed onto fabric just like the Snowdrop pattern.

Another new pattern is the printable Four Corners, inspired by the same Hungarian Matyó embroidery as the Faraway Garden and Cabbage Rose Fancy patterns but consists of a single standalone motif.


This is a quick introductory design to work up, this time to practice a bit of oblique satin stitch.

All of these patterns include a color guide for easy reference, as well as detailed instructions for working each stitch, with step-by-step illustrations.

To give you something to make out of your designs (if you like to put them on objects you use, like I do): I’m releasing my first accessory pattern: the Ibolyka coin purse.


This small coin purse uses an 8.5 cm wide rounded sew-on metal kiss-clasp frame you can order online, and is a great way to use up small fabric scraps and turn them into small gifts. The Morning Bouquet and Four Corners patterns both fit perfectly on the outside of the coin purse, and together make a lovely piece of applied folk art. The coin purse pattern comes with the usual detailed, illustrated instructions and it’s a super quick little project, quite satisfying after you’ve spent the time working the embroidery. And it’s SUPER simple if you want to make it without any kind of embellishment!

Speaking of Matyó embroidery, I’m releasing a standalone version of the design from the Faraway Garden pattern set that I’ve used for the waistband of the Giselle dress.


If you’d only like to use this particular design, called Summer Meadow, because you’d like to put it on a Giselle dress or the neckline of an entirely different garment, it’s now available separately, with a color guide and step-by-step, illustrated stitch dictionary, of course.

There are two additional new patterns as well, both of which I created in response to the worldwide political climate of our time.


One is the updated version of the ‘Nasty Women Vote’ pattern I released a bit over a year ago.


This pattern is now a part of the printable series, and comes with the more hopeful text in the little bird’s song bubble. It also includes a bonus design with a quote from Hillary Clinton’s concession speech from last year: “For there are more seasons to come and there is more work to do.” This pattern now includes step-by-step illustrated instructions for creating each stitch I use in the design.

I should tell you a little bit about the little bird design: there was a children’s bedtime story cartoon series in Hungary in the 1970s based on Hungarian folktales. The graphics included a small singing bird that piped out the title sequence of the story, set to a pretty, folk music-inspired tune. The little songbird graphic and the tune always give me hope.

The last pattern is something entirely new for me: the ‘Nasty Women Hope’ cross stitch pattern, with alphabet.


This design is inspired by the same songbird as the ‘Nasty Women Hope’ free hand embroidery pattern, and uses several traditional Hungarian cross stitch motifs around the song bubble. But! I included full upper and lower case alphabets so that you can create your own text.

Finally, in rather different news: I will be teaching embroidery at the new and totally lovely Candy’s Quilting shop on 22nd Street in Manhattan!


My first class will be on December 16, from noon to 4pm, and we’ll be making an embroidered Ibolyka coin purse with the Four Corners embroidery pattern, from beginning to end. An almost-last-minute handmade holiday gift that you’ll take home, along with the pattern for both the coin purse and the embroidery if you’d like to make more! Sign up here.

I’m working on more embroidery and sewing classes to come next year, I’ll let you know once I have specifics. Candy’s Quilting is in a great spot in Manhattan, even if you want to drop in for a class from out of town: it’s a quick and easy walk from Penn Station, with tons of places to grab lunch before class or dinner or drinks afterwards.

That’s all the news I’ve got for this week – and I must say, it’s nice to be back!

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