Paper Patterns & Hot-Iron Embroidery Transfers

– I placed an international order with you several weeks ago. Where is my package?

While we ship all orders in a timely manner, we have no control over the postal service or customs authorities. Packages can be held up at the point of leaving the US, by your local customs authority, or local post office. In most cases you should receive your package within two weeks but we regret that there is nothing we can do to guarantee timely delivery of every international package.

Digital Patterns

– I never received a confirmation email from you about my purchase with my download URL. Where is my pattern?

The confirmation email is sent automatically, so if you have not received it it is probably in your spam folder. Hotmail is especially likely to route our confirmation emails to your spam folder.

– I downloaded the pattern but it is not on my computer. Help!

Please make sure you know what location on your computer downloads are routed to. Most commonly there is a ‘Downloads’ folder, which is where you are most likely to find the downloaded pattern.

– I can’t open the pattern file on my iPad!

Kate & Rose patterns are delivered as a .zip file created by compressing several larger files. Your purchase must be downloaded to a desktop or laptop computer and unzipped before viewing. Unfortunately, iPads/iPhones and other portable devices currently cannot open .zip files. All Mac and PC desktop or laptop computers come with software that will un-compress or unzip .zip files for you, just double-click the .zip file icon to open it. The unzipped PDF can then be transferred to your portable device for viewing.

– The pattern is really difficult to assemble because there are no margins. I had to mark the edges with a ruler before cutting them off. Help!

If you check the page about how to print and assemble PDF patterns, you will see that there should be a dashed line along the margin of all edges that need to be joined. If you can’t see this dashed line on your printout, your pattern has printed out at a slightly larger than 100% scale. Please check the print settings of your PDF viewing software (we recommend Adobe Reader), and make sure they are set to 100% scale, or that scaling is turned off. Then, print page one ONLY of your pattern, to check if you can see the dashed line along the margin at the bottom and the right-hand side of the page. Also be sure to measure the test squares to make sure your printout is the correct size.