How to print and assemble Kate & Rose PDF sewing patterns

Kate & Rose PDF sewing patterns

All PDF sewing patterns include an instructions file, a home printing file, and a copyshop printing file. The copyshop printing file is a single, large 36″/90 cm wide page that your local copyshop can print for about $10-$15 on a wide format printer.

The home printing file is formatted to print on A4/US Letter size paper. Before printing out the entire pattern file, we recommend reviewing the instructions to familiarize yourself with the pattern pieces, and to see which pages you need to print out for the variation of the pattern you’d like to make. We have included a “map” of the whole pattern to help you piece it together, and a page directory of each pattern piece to help you save paper while printing.

Róza blouse home printing guide

Please also make sure to print the first page of the pattern by itself and measure the test squares to check if your print settings are correct.

Measure test square of first page of PDF home printing file before printing rest of pages

The pattern pages should have a dashed line along all sides that need to be joined, as on the first page of the home printing file with the test squares above, or as shown here:

home printing pages sample

For your convenience, each page also has a grey page number at the center to make piecing them together easier. The side of the page that does not need to be joined to another page will not have the dashed line.

Important: if you do not see the dashed line on any side of the printed pages, the pattern was printed at more than 100% scale. Please review your print settings to make sure you are printing with scaling turned off, or at 100% scale. We recommend using Adobe Reader for home printing as we have found it produces the fewest errors and makes it easiest to print your pattern at the correct scale.

To see which pages you’ll need to print for a specific pattern piece, please review Page 4 of the instructions (same page for all patterns):

Printing guide and pattern pages

For example, to print pattern piece G of the Mariska skirt pattern, you only need to print pages 4 and 5 of the Mariska home printing file.

To assemble the home printing pattern, cut off the right-hand margin (and if needed, the bottom margin) of the pages that need to be joined:


Then, match up the sides that need to be joined with tape, finding the match points (in this case – 1D on the right edge of page 4 to 1D on the left side page 5, and 1E on the right edge of page 5 to 1E on the left side of page 6):

assembling PDF sewing patterns

Once all match points are aligned along the dashed line, place a small piece of tape at the edges of the pattern piece and at the match points:

assembling Kate & Rose pdf sewing patterns


Once all necessary pages are assembled, cut out the pattern pieces:

assemble Kate & Rose PDF sewing patterns


Proceed the same way for all pattern pieces.

Please so not hesitate to contact us with questions and comments!