New Patterns & Re-Releases

Hello Dear Stitching Friends,
It’s been far too long since I last wrote. And now, suddenly, I’ve got a whole lot of news for you!
First of all, I’m releasing several brand new, smaller patterns, just in time to create a few handmade gifts for the holidays! They’re all in the shop now, ready for your stitching hands.
Several of these new patterns were Read More…

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New embroidery pattern: Nasty Women Vote

UPDATE 11/15/2016: I’m updating this pattern to reflect the results of the election, and how much work we still have to do to bring about social change. Stay tuned!
I created this new design in response to several things in the 2016 presidential election. Well, actually, too many things to count but I’ll stick to Read More…

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Blog Hop: Modern Folk Embroidery

Today I want to tell you about a beautiful new embroidery book by Nancy Nicholson: Modern Folk Embroidery. You’ve probably seen Nancy’s designs, kits, and patterns around the internets before, and if you like her work you will love this new book. I received a digital copy of the book for the blog hop, and I was blown away by the beautiful photography, the lovely, easy-to-follow projects dripping with inspiration, and the conversational tone of the writing.
Read More…

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Handmade wedding: Lottie’s beautiful hand-embroidered wedding dress

I wanted to share with you an amazing handmade dress: Lottie’s gorgeous hand-embroidered, self-designed wedding dress from her dreamy May wedding. Doesn’t she and her brand new husband look so adorable and happy? And beautiful too? And look at that setting!
There is a specific detail that thrilled me to the core: Lottie made all of the embroidery with the Faraway Garden hot-iron Read More…

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Hungarian Sampler: Main Contents Page

I’m in the process of making tiny improvements to the site, fixing glitches, and making specific projects and tutorials more accessible. (About glitches: aaarrgh! They’re not technical in nature, except insofar as my brain may be experiencing technical difficulties here and there. I’ve accidentally published drafts not once but several times now. I’ve made note of two things not to do to avoid this in Read More…

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Me Made May ’16, and how to style a peasant blouse

Peasant blouses worn with pants are basically my daily uniform, the go-to outfit I exist in at all times. It’s also May, which means Me-Made-May’16, and though I don’t post daily outfit photos I have diligently been practicing my me-made-may pledges to wear something I made myself every day, for several years now. So much so, in fact, that for the past two years in a row I’ve worn a self-made item every single day. I was almost shocked to realize this Read More…

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Travel, embroidery, running stitch, and what to do while waiting

Bewitching Botanicals napBewitching Botanicals motif with running stitch outline
Createwhimsy has a great post about the many things you can do with the lowly running stitch. The post “Run don’t walk running stitch” features a tutorial I did about a Chinese-inspired running stitch variation for a design from Read More…

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Furoshiki project bag: a tutorial

I usually have several embroidery projects going at the same time, which means I’m always in need of project bags. As it did for the Uptown folk blouse, embroidery can take a little while, and I like to have something readily available for 15-minute-bouts of stitching here and there. Hence the project bags!
Today I want to show you how to make Furoshiki project bags. These are soooo easy and quick! Furoshiki is also a great way to use smaller pieces of fabric (or Read More…

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My Uptown Folk Blouse in Sew News, Apr/May 2016

My first new pattern of this year is out – I finished a while back and have been waiting and waiting to be able to share with you!
It is part of an article I wrote for the current, Apr/May 2016 issue of Sew News magazine that shows you how to make a sweet Read More…

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Quilts, embroidery, travels, and more

It’s been a long break on this blog – in the meanwhile, it became 2016, and good golly it’s now March!
I’m sure it looks as though I’ve just gone off to a warm and beautiful place where I sit on the beach and soak up the sun. I sincerely wish but – no. There has been lots going on in the background. Some weeks I’m so busy I can barely finish anything in a near-timely fashion (ahem) and yet things never feel Read More…

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Merry, merry making: take 50% off everything in the shop!

Dear Readers, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all that you do, for the things you make, the patterns you buy and also test for me (after I make corrections, that one is coming, early in the new year!). So, to celebrate you all, and the holidays and coming new year (may it be a more peaceful one), please Read More…

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How do hot-iron transfer embroidery patterns work?

One of my favorite times when I embroider is that moment when the pattern is transferred to the fabric, I’ve chosen all my threads and colors, and I’m getting ready to take my first stitch. I created the Kate & Rose hot iron transfer series to get you (and me!) to this moment faster. I wanted to make transferring these sometimes complex, Read More…

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